Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Price was Ripe...

For picking that is... In a shootout decider for the 2nd point, Montreals pride and joy (and a goalie that many ballot stuffing Hab fans had named to the all star team)....allowed 3 goals on 3 shots.

What a difference a save makes. The stop by Henrik on Kostitsen's shootout attempt would be the one to get us the extra point after a see saw battle that saw us lead 3 different times during the game only to have the Habs tie it up after a momentary breakdown in concentration by our Rangers.

Official Game Recap here.

The team seemed to find a rhythm for much of this game, with our defense kicking it up a notch and taking the body. (this being perhaps probably the only team we've been able to out muscle since they lost Souray a season ago.) Nonetheless, the physical factor created an added pressure that allowed us to coerce some turnovers and convert on several plays. The first Blueshirt goal being a textbook odd-man rush that saw Nik Antropov bury a rebound to extend his point scoring streak. Coupled with Sean Avery being his usual agitating self, the other most stand out player this St.Pattys Day was our very own hyperactive leprechaun, Ryan Callahan. Aside from Cally's chip in on the scoreboard with the third goal off a rebounded attempt from Dubinsky, he seemed to contribute where it counted most... in energy. Charging up and down the ice, throwing hits, poking at pucks and sacrificing his body consistently against bigger opposing forwards (and even a crossbar on a very dangerous play) in almost every fashion imaginable, he has truley shown why his been able to establish himself on this team and why a guy like Nigel Dawes is playing in the desert.

There were some things that did worry me though. Aside from the no look, drop passes that have seemed to become a specialty of Gomez, Zherdev, Rozi and Avery...This team many times waited for loose pucks to drift that last few inches to their sticks. Pucks that were just out of reach of their sticks weren't actively pursued, coralled and then moved. It only proved dangerous a few times as we were up against Canadiens team that seemed to be sulking a little bit as they struggle to get a grip after the firing of their coach. The ray of hope for the Canadien team seemed to be two time former Ranger and now Ranger spoiler, Alex Kovalev. Kovalev, who is exceptionally skilled but not often inspired, drew the ire of many in Hab-land in the the previous weeks as he didn't provide the spark that was needed by his team. He did, however manage to do his fair bit of damage tonight as he buried the first goal for Montreal and and kept them alive in the shootout. In fact he and Markov kept the their team in this game till Chris Drury drove the third nail into the Price shootout coffin.

Make no mistake though, the Canadiens can prove to be a tough team (as we've seen so many times over the last 2 seasons) if we meet them in the playoffs and they have their legs under them and their confidence is high. In fact, the credit for tonight's win should go to the top notch Ranger penalty kill that proved to be all that was needed to get the Hab fans to jeer and heap a little more pressure onto their teams already narrow shoulders as the frustration mounted.



  1. The Rangers got the two points they were looking for in a place they have not played well at all lately.

    It should have been a clean sweep of the two points, with Montreal getting nothing.

    The Rangers out played the Canadiens for the most part, but a few mistakes (Drury's gaff in particular) allowed Montreal to stay in the game.

    Overall a big win on the Road, 3 for 3 in the shootout. Nice win.

  2. Jay -- Aptly described. Callahan, to me, is the MVP of the team, although I could be persuaded to give an MVP to the 4th line.

    The Forum (I mean, whatever it is called now) is usually a deathtrap for the Blueshirts. To play such a a quality game, take 3 leads and grab the victory says something about the team's resiliency.

    I thought Lunqvist was outstanding, if that shot that was deflected over Price's shoulder but caught the crossbar goes in. . . then there might have been a regulation win and that last Canadien goal would not have mattered.

    The next 2 games could be trap games because both Buffalo and Ottawa are fading a bit. But these are 4 crucial points.

    The Rangers, if they keep looking up, can still grab 4th place -- they play the Pens and Flyers 3 more times in total.


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