Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Eklund Makes A Living

The infamous Eklund of Hockeybuzz, once known for being hockey's 'Deep Throat' has made a living pretending to know more 'inside' information that the average 'Joe Beat Writer'. He was at one point so influential that analysts in hockey actually listened to the guy, sometimes effecting the asking fees and negotiations of players during free agency. People actually paid to hear his rants. The mainstream papers reported on his garbage.

Now Eklund is just an 'Average Joe'. A schmuck. A fraud. Feh. Then there is the Globe & Mail....

As a Rangers fan and knowing how deep in the hole we are with salary cap restrictions, flexibility and bad contracts & management (that makes bad choices), the legit Toronto Globe & Mail piece below is a great example of the kind of 'monkey journalism' that employed our dear-old-make-it-up-as-you-go-along Eklund:

From today's Toronto Globe & Mail:

"There is belief the Maple Leafs have been zeroing in on New York Rangers defenceman Wade Redden and forward Peter Schaefer of the Boston Bruins.

Schaefer, 31, was buried in the minors by the Bruins last season because of salary cap concerns. He has one more year on his contract at $2.3-million (U.S.). Redden, 32, was signed to a six-year, $39-million unrestricted free-agent deal last summer, and the Rangers would not be averse to moving him. The Leafs have plenty of salary cap room – $10-million to $13-million depending on the contract given to restricted free-agent forward Mikhail Grabovski – to accommodate both players.

But if the Leafs have interest in Redden, it means Burke must be serious about trading away either Tomas Kaberle or Pavel Kubina. The two veteran defenceman have no-trade contracts, but a window in which they can be traded opens when the draft commences on Friday. “I’m going [to Montreal] to listen to offers,” said Leafs GM Brian Burke."

Now this is the biggest piece of poo reporting I've ever heard, because I'll tell you something.

"I know Wade Redden. And he 'aint no trade bait, I'll tell ya!"

Now if this were to happen in real life, defy logic and actually make Glen Sather, the Dolans and MSG look like superheroes this off-season, even in exchange for a first-round pick, I'd be the happiest mother f***er on the planet!

...but you know it's not going to happen. (sigh)


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  1. great post dark. i don't think the article is THAT ridiculous tho. It is misleading but i think its safe to say that Burke would be interested in Redden because of the 1st round pick or marc staal that would come with him.


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