Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sidney Crosby Multiple Choice

The final game '7' between the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins approaches. One particular player (hardly loved by Rangers' fans) will be complaining his way to the Stanley Cup or complaining his way to the locker room. What's going to happen?

A. (Insert this)
Nothing feels better than Sidney ‘the Diver’ Crosby watching the last seconds tick off the clock, knowing that yet again the Cup is not within reach. Everything that thin-lipped Gary promised has been ripped from his slimy little fingers – and the old guys in red & white take it again. Take the summer off Sid, pull out some of your Goosebumps novels and revisit your New Kids On The Block CD collection and relax a little. See you next year.


B. (Insert this)
Nothing feels worse than Sidney ‘the Cup Diver’ Crosby picking that friggin Lord Cup and realizing everything Gary had promised him for the last two seasons. “Listen kid, we’re going to make you a stah…”, uttered the thin-lipped and heartless Commissioner. He earned it and there is nothing more to say – as a Rangers fan, historically registered, but easily forgotten. It hurts in an emotional way, building his confidence for next season, visualizing his taking the Cup prize home for a week and drinking wine coolers from it. The very fact that the Penguins won is taking the Lord’s (Cup) name in vain, as far as I am concerned.

So which is it? "A" or "B" ?



  1. Dark, It's becoming natural for today's "Star Players" to whine and stomp their feet at every infraction. No team is immune from this.

    Sidney Crosby may lead the pack, but Ovechkin is closing in quickly with that constant "What? Look"

    This is what you get when you manipulate the rules to help open the game up.

    They all should sign up for the Actors Guild..... LMAO.

  2. LOL Kots...truth is Sid is a damn good player and he's shined in the playoffs -- certainly less diving, but you are right. The dramatics would make Meryl Streep, Hellen Mirren and even Geoffrey Rush proud!

    The 'Actor' reaches the height of his stagecraft during the season, we've seen less of it this final round --- but it is quite irksome 7 months of the year.

  3. I go 'A' all the way! Couldn't handle that Cindy Crosby carrying the Cup, would have to take up watching more women's volleyball to see how a real girl plays sports.

  4. It's all very interesting, but does not address the over site concerning the Maple Leaf's logo, which I have immediately rectified. Check it out Ranger... I have met your challenge!
    Fox : )

  5. 1) We expect the Wings to come out and quickly take over the game tonight. We wouldn't be shocked to see a replay of Game 5 with the pens simply outclassed.
    2) Datsyuk looked 10X better in his second game back than his first. Another few days rest is all he needs to e ready to dominate tonight. Look for the Hart nominee to look like it.
    3) Crosby will have to wait another year, but make no mistake this Pens squad IS going to be back here many times in the future. Crosby is still 21! The best players are all under 25. His time will come, just not yet.

  6. 'A' would be warm and fuzzy

    'B' would be like stinky cheese

  7. Its A or Nay for me. If the Wings don't win, I consider this year Stanley Cup Champs, declared "VACANT"!!!

  8. ....Or, at the very least, to be re-decided one year from now! I like it.

  9. Faux...though you mis-called this one - (you had a 50% chance)...we'll all collectively agree that there wasn't a Cup awarded this year because Captains never shook on it. Could we sell that one?



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