Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Detroit Muscle No Match For NY Hustle.

With still more trimming to do, the decisions don't appear to be getting any easier for the Ranger brass. A romp over the Wings for some sweet revenge, has shined a light on some of the facets of the preseason roster.

Official Recap here.

The first period was all Blueshirts as it appeared that just getting pucks to the net and attacking would be enough to keep a Detroit team on its heels for most of the game. The Wings wouldn't have an answer till the second when they out-shot the Rangers and threw a monkey wrench into the system that left much of the defense scrambling; fortunately, the offense heard the call and played two-way hockey and managed to get back for defensive assignments.(yes, OUR offense!). Weathering the storm in the second to put the nail in coffin and finish strong in the third was something Ranger fans weren't treated to much last season. Good thing for us, this stands to be a largely different team than it was.

Notes and Observations:

- The Frolov/ Gaborik/ Center Du jour (tonight,Christensen) continues to cause havoc for the opposing defense and makes scoring look easy. On the power play, Gabbys got the touch and I think he could top his best season totals, even if he doesn't have us to play against for 8 goals a night.

- Sean Avery continues to have a strong preseason, this time adding a Pavel Datsyuk imitation to his act, with better than usual puck handling, behind the back passes, and through the legs passing.

- Derek Stepan sliding back between Avery and Fedotenko, required a little adjusting on his part, but as the game went on he became more comfortable. Soft hands and smooth skating... I'd say "get this kid a Whey Powder IV drip around the clock" and he could be a monster by December.

- Can we just sign Fedotenko already?  Call it premature on my part, but I'll dare to say right now this guy is integral to the new team dynamic. I'd keep him paired with Avery.  It could either A)keep Avery more grounded, in that acting out is kind of hard to do when there's constantly a guy feeding you the puck around the net. or B) Make Avery even more obnoxious out there after he converts on those passes, feeds his ego and thinks of new goal celebrations to annoy the opposing teams with. I'm personally hoping he brings back the celebration push-ups. Classic! - Let's not forget that Fedotenko can net a few goals of his own.

- Sauer's goal and muscling along the boards kind of warmed me up to the guy, but I don't think he's going to make the cut. I'm kind of surprised he's been here longer than Semenov and Exelby, but if he make make it as a 7th... more power to him.

- Speaking of which, I'm pondering the possibilities of shipping Roszival out too after tonight's game. Yeesh...

- Lastly, I think it's the new guys that will determine what kind of team we have come playoff time. Watching Fedotenko , Kennedy and Frolov work with intensity and focus near or away from the puck, makes me think we stand a real chance at the new guys upping the team culture, rather than the usual practice of the guys that are already here convincing the new player that they needn't try so hard and stomping out the fire under a guy's ass when he comes to NYC to impress.

The Next round of cuts are guaranteed to have one or two heartbreaker decisions.

- J_Undisputed.


  1. I am so sorry to have missed this game, but a good exciting write-up, J. That must have been one hellava first period, providing there were more than 1,000 fans at The Garden. It was Detroit -- so it doesn't matter really.

    Not to highlight your original work, but I enlarged your "Why Can't we just hire Fedotenko already? " because I fear this guy will not make the cuts, when he's proven otherwise. Already, he's one of the hardest working guys out there. I agree that Sauer is gone- and Rozzy might look otherwise but Dolan would never eat THAT much salary least Roszival saves it all for the playoffs, that is...when we make them. Thanks for making me feel like I actually watched the game, J.

  2. I also enjoyed your counterpoint to Redden going north. Hey, making $6.5 mill to play in Hartford? "Look, Ma...I'm a star again!" tdr

  3. J,
    I am officially a fan of yours. I welcome the "new" Sean Avery. I have always loved him in his role as a pest but am really enjoying seeing his skills as a player see some daylight. And I welcome the return of the push-ups. I am sending my boy, Stepan a Charles Atlas book and a gift card to GNC. RELEASE THE KRACKEN!!! Go Rangers!!!


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