Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Further Cuts Until After Sunday's Game

Here is the exact tweet:

"Next cuts won't come until after Sunday's game, Tortoreella says, after meeting with Sather and Schoenfeld... "


ake over the next four days.



  1. Question: Does Glen Sather spend more time researching free agents and prospects or picking out cigars? And is it just me or does Sather look like the type of smug jacka** that would waft his own farts into his face?

  2. Lol The Dude... Cigars definately. No, I think he makes Messier smell his gas...because he can.

  3. Gas ...Cigar... bad combination. Good thing Mess is already bald.

  4. P.S. Who has time to proofread when you're counting all that money piling up from the paywall subscriptions. lol


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