Friday, July 6, 2007

C'est le temps pour ce monstre sombre de hockey pour prendre des vacances et quitter son amour d'écriture depuis seulement une semaine. Ces New-Yorkais vont prendre Stanley Cup cette saison prochaine. Il sera triste si vous n'êtes pas le fan d'un Gendarme à cheval.

Soyez sûrs. Soyez en bonne santé. Et hockey d'amour!

Au revoir et voir-vous la semaine prochaine....



  1. The Dark Ranger is off on vacation through mid-July -- a trip to Paris to loom over the old city and terrorize all those that don't care for hockey. The French. Now the French Canadiens, on the other hand, they care even less than their European brethren. ;)

    Hopefully on my return, Lundquist and Glen have made up and we've secretly found an additional 24 million for the next four years, Sean Avery stays with the team at whatever we pay him, because no one else in the league wants him, and Shanny accepts that big fat 'ole bonus at the end of the season as the veteran of the pack.

    Perhaps someone can help me out... How do you say Drury & Gomez in French?


  2. Have fun in Paris, as someone who has been there a number of times I can say it'sa lot of fun. The military museum, and Napoleans tomb (which you have pictured) is pretty neat.

    Also the wine is cheap and good :)

  3. Have a great time in Paris, TDR. When you come back, you'll find you've been tagged. Check out this blog entry for more info.

  4. I agree with the above comment, the wine is good and cheap - the French have that covered, but hockey they don't. Have a good trip.

  5. Les Rangers est pas terrible. Pardon moi mais les Devils est tres remarkable.


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