Thursday, July 19, 2007

Room to Breathe!!!! Please trade Marek Malik, with $6 Mill left to Sign Avery, Hossa and that "D" Man!?

CURRENT TOTAL: $45,330,976
1 Scott Gomez $7,357,143
2 Chris Drury $7,050,000
3 Jaromir Jagr $4,940,000
4 Henrik Lundqvist $4,250,000
5 Martin Straka $3,300,000
6 Paul Mara $3,000,000
7 Marek Malik $2,500,000
8 Brendan Shanahan $2,500,000
9 Michal Rozsival $2,100,000
10 Petr Prucha $1,600,000
11 Fedor Tyutin $987,500
12 Dan Girardi $750,000
13 Tomas Pöck $667,500
14 Stephen Valiquette $617,500
15 Blair Betts $615,000
16 Ryan Callahan $575,000
17 Colton Orr $537,500
18 Ryan Hollweg $512.500
19 Jason Strudwick $500,000
20 Nigel Dawes $496,333
21 Andrew Hutchinson $475,000
22 Sean Avery RFA
23 Marcel Hossa RFA
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  1. No D with a ton of offensive will lead to a short season. No true third or forth Center with Cullen departing back to Carolina. The race for the playoffs will be tight for the Rangers. Boston, Carolina, Philly and Toronto (all missed last season) made solid moves for next season.

    Good Luck Rangers!

    Leafs 2007-2008

  2. The Rangers DID make the playoffs Dear TML!

  3. Your defense is still lacking, but you know what? The Atlantic Division will easily have the weakest defense of the entire league next season. You guys *might* be able to get by with what you have. You gotta find a way to make sure Avery stays happy though. I might hate the sonovabitch, but that sonovabitch is getting the job done right now, and he's getting the job done quite nicely.

    One thing to watch out with Avery, though, is that he tends to wear out his welcome rather quickly. He could just as easily turn into a headcase with the Rangers. I tend to think that won't happen, I really do believe he's finally found a home with the Blueshirts, but it's something you gotta keep in the back of your mind.

    Regardless, finding a defenseman would really help. I'd shy away from an Andy Sutton though -- he's one of the most overrated defenders in the league, but given what you guys have, he might be a viable option. He is surely an upgrade over Malik, though.


  4. Patricia,...a nice objective piece. The "We love Avery" wagon feels right at home, I agree with what you've said and will add that I hope he doesn't turn on anyone in the locker room -- most importantly the locker room. The fans like a rabble-rouser, the teams hate 'em - the drama, but rub Jagr, Gomez (who knew?), Drury-the-leader the wrong way and....

    Ka-Pow!! The love it over.



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