Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Future New Jersey Devils Are Not Strong, They Are Weekes!

"Leafs Lunch" reports the New Jersey Devils have signed goaltender Kevin Weekes. TSN reports it's a two year, $1.375 million contract. They are scrap(p)ing for a team, and being on the other side of the river, Joi-sey better hope that Marty is in tip-top healthy form throughout the season, with Weekes as your backup. Here's hoping...

UPDATE: The better news is that the strong get stronger -- the Rangers re-signed Prucha for a two-year deal worth $3.2 million.


  1. I hated the guy when he played for Carolina and although he is good intentioned and a half-decent goalie, he will let you down in the end -- so NJ will have a hard time if Marty is down...(that guy never gets hurt)...

    I agree Dark that no fan wants to see your lead goalie go down for a Weekes show. Though, maybe Lundquist will not be a Ranger and what then?

    ha ha ha aha h

  2. 1) Weekes is NOT a good starter, but compared to what the Devils had as a back up the last 2 seasons he's a huge improvement. 2) Perhaps it'll allow the Devils to not have to start Marty 75+ in games times season. He looked tired by the playoffs and is also getting a bit older. Weekes is an affordable upgrade as a second srtinger

  3. Well NJ has always been screwed if Brodeur goes down, so now it won't be any different.

    Weekes is a pretty decent backup, not starter material but comes off the bench for solid performace and good rest.

    Of course it's not going to matter because the Devils won't make the playoffs enxt season. (unless they pull a Minnesota special and try to go to OT with 1-1 games every game of the season)

  4. Overhaul to the points system!!!

    In watching a couple of seasons with Weekes behind the net, ultimately - with the exception of maybe 1-2 games - he was a disappointment. The Rangers have younger prospects as a 2nd behind Lundquist, providing in arbitration he stays with us. close.

  5. Well i agree there, the points system is a joke.


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