Monday, July 30, 2007

Sean Avery Temporarily The Gimp!

Turns out our Sean Avery boy has been knocked down a couple of vanity notches by Glen Sather, GM of the New York Rangers, on the alleged terms in his arbitration hearings. The inner-dealings of arbitration have been leaked by someone (hhmmm....let me guess?) and such speaking to the press will persuade a third party in reaching a fair deal for the Rangers. The good news is that he will remain a New York Ranger for at least one more year.

My collegial bloggers have said it best, especially Dear Lord Stanley - whose sarcasm is priceless and the picture is unmatchable. Press here.

Other articles of note are here, here, here, and here

One thing is for sure post-arbitration hearings, he will come out fighting this season and we will see a Ranger machine determined to prove to the 'Avery Haters' that other teams will want to compete for this loud-mouthed, hopeful $2 mill +, instigator during free-agency season next summer.

I love the guy! I get him. He understands The Dark Ranger's needs!



  1. How does the new CBA work with arbitration and trading?
    Sather would be in great shape if the arbitrator rules for a one year 2 million dollar base salary for Avery. Sather could then turn around and trade Avery for much need backend support for the King!
    I remember hearing that this isn't allowed in the new CBA??

    Leafs 2007-2008

  2. He's not worth what he's asking. He was a decent contributor, but 25 games is not 82 games worth of production.

    And to Sather's credit, he is a sideshow.

  3. Hey LEAFS 2007-2008, I asked my fellow blogger Kuklas Korner (who now is the official blogger for to answer your question re: trading. Here is his post

    Dark Ranger, I went to my good friend Spector for the answer to your question regarding arbitration and trading.

    A player taken to arbitration can be traded after receiving his award. The prime example of this is Roberto Luongo, who was taken to arbitration by the Panthers and dealt to the Canucks midway through his two-year arbitration awarded contract. In reading Article 12 of the CBA which deals with arbitration I could find nothing suggesting a player couldn’t be traded following arbitration. I think “The Dark Ranger” may be confusing arbitration with offer sheets, whereby no player can be dealt for one year following receipt of said offer.


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