Friday, February 29, 2008

Anonymous Canes Fan Is Forced To Wear Rangers Jersey, NYR 4, Hurricanes 2

The New York Rangers squashed the Carolina Hurricanes last night for the second time in four meetings this season, six wins for the Blueshirts in the last eight games.

Even better, a friend of mine from Raleigh, NC (see picture above) who happened to be in New York City stopped by the office wearing a Blueshirts logo proud & center. I have substituted his real face with 'how he felt, as to protect him from Canes fans on his return. "Oh Rod, where art thou Rod!"

Christian Backman - in his first game on defense for the Blueshirts was mediocre at best. You can take him 'back, Man!' Fredrik Sjostrom was terrific and I believe he will provide great speed to the team. One for two 'aint bad on the trading front.

NYR Brandon Dubinsky and Sean Avery both scored in the first period, launching the Rangers into safeville (though a three point lead with this team doesn't mean much these days), followed by another insurance goal by Chris Drury in the second. The fourth goal in the third period was a 'Brendan Shanny special' - a beautiful cross pass by Nigel Dawes and shot over Cam Ward's left shoulder for the goal. New York kept the Hurricanes off balance by controlling the puck throughout the entire game. It was a solid showing by New York and the tides may have turned -- every game means everything these days as a couple of losses could easily take us out of playoff consideration.

Official recap

We take on Philadelphia this Sunday on network tv!!!!!! Woo hoo. With Michael Richards, Simon Gagne, Lupol slightly injured and Nittymaki and Biron playing 'okay' goaltender, we should have a pretty good shot at two more points. As any DARK RANGER fan knows, the Flyers games mean the most to me. Watch for it....



  1. Actually, they split the season series 2 games apiece...

  2. Fairweather Dark with his crystal ball, already tallying up the 2 points this coming Sunday! Good luck.

  3. CORRECTION: 2-2 this season against Carolina. Thanks tu. My crystal ball is 'off'. Uh oh.

  4. I know the league has to accomodate NBC, but seriously, what is it with these ridiculous game times on Sundays? I understand 1pm, I like 3pm but last week it was 7pm vs Florida (I couldn't give my second ticket away) and this week its 12:30? Who the hell wakes up that early on a Sunday?!?!

  5. 1) Is next week's Pens-Caps NBC game on at 10:00am to accommodate golf? JK ; )
    2) Geez the Rangers and Big Valley have the Flyers number this year!

  6. scotty..well, those of us with kids love this schedule, but the golf match segways during intermission just kill me. BUT...still better than listening to Sam and Joe...don't you agree?

    faux..funny. i would welcome that too...hhmm...that's 7am Pacific...hilarious. Thanks Bettman...great deal.
    2. Vally frankly is becoming a favorite of mine. Henk is scaring the be-Jesus out of me.


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