Sunday, February 10, 2008

Philly Is All Fight But No Win, Rangers 2, Flyers 0

The New York Rangers have won 11 of its last 12 games at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, and is 6-0-1 there since a loss on April 15, 2006. The Flyers fans must really hate our Blueshirts (giggle giggle). Nigel Dawes and Scott Gomez scored power-play goals for the Rangers. Official recap here.

What a terrific game to be attending as the only highlights for the local crowd came with the fights - a time trip back to the Broad Street Bullies days of yore, as the Flyers attempted to raise their level of play by hitting as many rookie Rangers as possible. All was not lost for Philly as a major brawl ensued with three simultaneous fights filling the rink: Steve "Should Be In Jail" Downie exchanged blows with Ranger Fedor Tyutin, showing him the gates of heaven, but Flyer's Riley Cote was taught a huge lesson in 'talking fists' as Blueshirt primary enforcer Colton Orr pleasantly face-washed and pummeled his little head. Flyer's Jim Dowd and our Ryan Hollweg went at it balancing the fight scoring for both teams an even draw. With the Flyers down two at the end of the second period, we were treated to another embarrassing fighting effort by our amazing Ranger rookie/terrible brawler Brandon Dubinsky (who is 21 years old, and looks 10) versus experienced and top scoring Flyer Michael Richards - who absolutely 'showed him the money' - evident by even Ranger's Coach Tom Renney smiling with sorrow and pride at the bench. Poor little guy is trying.

On the scoring front, the Flyers didn't gain an inch and the New York Rangers completely dominated the game, mostly due to our backup goalkeeper Stephen "Valley" Valiquette - our more 'consistent than Lundqvist of recent' backup goalkeeper. Valley was exquisite in goal making 31 saves to record his second straight shutout this season - two consecutive shutouts against the Philadelpia Flyers - The Dark Ranger's wet dream (UPDATE - okay, that was pretty gross, but necessary).

The Rangers are 28-24-6 for the season sitting in 7th place in playoff contention. This afternoon we are looking for Capital gains as we take on Washington at 1pm this afternoon - followed by a subsequent five-day layoff, enough time for any Eastern Conference teams to make major gains on our Blueshirts. Today's two points could be a turning point for this unsolvable and inconsistent Rangers team.

Every game counts, folks. This is it. Ovechkin needs to be contained on a greater level than our defense our demonstrated all season. That Russian is a monster -- someone needs to stop him! The Dark Rangers lurks and will be sure to cast his promising 'concussion spell' to give our Blueshirts an advantage.

Here we go and hope for the best.



  1. Maybe a little off-center, but it sure felt good. ;)

  2. 1) Funny n warm-ups yesterday afternoon. Some cap fan had a lame anti-Avery poster(Avery for AHL) he was bravely displaying in the Rangers end(surrounded by Blue shirts
    2) Avery spots it. At first shakes his head, then goes over as if to confront the guy. Ends up smiling and flipping the guy a practice puck.
    3) Smart move! The guy's now probably Avery's biggest fan. LOL

  3. faux...I love this guy...there has been a lot of talk of replacing him this month with Alex Tanguay -- which is a mistake. The Rangers do need some support on the blueline, but Avery gives this team a shot-in-the-arse and of recent, he is crucial to the team. What have you heard in terms of this rumor?



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