Friday, February 1, 2008

Forsberg a Ranger?

He has turned down his hometown MODO League, suggesting he is on his way back to the NHL.

Many have discussed his close ties with the Flyers organization and his need to come back, but there are rumors that Henrik Lundqvist has been personally involved in recruiting Forsberg to the Dark side of hockey.

Forsberg a Ranger? That would make last night's shutout that much sweeter. Some references
here, here, here, here, here and here.


  1. I would have loved the Forsberg of sive, six, seven years ago, but the Forsberg now is an extreme injury risk and big cap hit. He should help, but for how long? One shift? One game? One week? Are we to believe that he finally found a miracle cure for his feet? A new pair of skates will be the golden ticket to return him to elite status? I hope, but I don't think so ...

  2. While we're at it, let's recruit Lindross to take the offensive helm. Between the both of them, we might get the production of one Elite player. I agree with you Scotty. Though, it is good Sather is looking...

  3. There is not a chance Forsberg will play for the Rangers. He dislikes the team. He will come back to philly. by the way, Lindross is retired and working for the players union idiot Dark Ranger! :o

  4. hey flyersrule, you never know and
    re: your Lindross comment I give you one word...


  5. Last nights shutout was sweet because I was losing in the goalie stats in my fantasy league, and Lundqvist is on my roster.

    And I'm sorry to say that I think he's going to Philly. I'm hoping he comes back to the Avs, but I just think he's going to Philly.

  6. I encourage the signing of Peter "Paper Mache for foot bones" Forsberg and the re-signing of Eric "egg-shell skull/I love dudes" Lindros to swell up the Rangers cap. Nothing against Peter, he just needs to hang 'em up for good. Last night stunk, I'll be there with Dark on Feb 9 giving him head noogeys...

  7. Wait, that last sentence didn't sound so good.

  8. Wait... Lundqvist didn't play... I'm now on the Fire Renny bandwagon.

  9. fdarangers (a.k.a. High Flyer)...see you at the game - I promise not to gloat. & I both are disappointed with the Valley for the same reasons in fantasy hockey. last couple of months have been brutal on the GAA. ugh. I was hopeful you were on the 'fire Tom Renney' bandwagon months ago...

    I cannot imagine Forsberg is on his way to the Blueshirts. I would put money on the Flyers...

  10. Forsberg will be heading to Detriot to play with his buddy Lidstrom. Detroit wants Sundin first, but if he snubs them to stay in Canada with Vancouver or Calgary (for Tanguay) then Forsberg it is. Forsberg is attractive to many teams as he the compensation is only cap dollars not picks and prospects. Forsberg and Dan Boyle would look quite well in a Wings jersey.
    Nuff Said!

    The Blue Leaf Nation

  11. maple leafs...i think you are Canadian hopeful. it is either the avs, flyers or rangers. that's it. Dark spoke.


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