Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Unanimous! Lundqvist Demoted to "Pauper"

The jury has reached a verdict.

Formerly known as "King" Henrik Lundqvist and subsequently hailed as "Prince" Henrik Lundqvist, this starting New York Ranger goalkeeper is now being made fun of by his former Swedish teenage hockey comrades. This comes as a huge disappointment overall to the Gästriklands Ishockeydomareklubb club, so famous for developing future hockey players and great huggers.

Fellow New York Ranger Sean Avery, unfamiliar with the custom of Swedes and their habitual hugging, rejected Lundqvist's need for a hug post the Blueshirts devastating loss to Montreal yesterday. Most of the team felt the same, with the exception of Colton Orr, Marcel Hossa and Petr Prucha who happily copped a feel from one of People Magazine's Sexiest.

The Olympic gold-winning goaltender for the Swedes, once celebrated for greatness and Swedish heirarchy has been dubbed 'rich and overrated' for the time being - and more importantly, unanimously demoted to the undesirable title of 'Pauper' throughout the blogosphere, first nominated by Scotty Hockey and supported by The Ranger Pundit. Others in support of this disgrace are here.



  1. Haha I put up a whole Lundqvist piece today. I guess everyone has the same idea: what the hell happened? This weekend will be very telling as I could see him getting both starts.

  2. The Prince is dead. Long live the Pauper? I think every pro athlete chokes once in awhile, unless your name is Tiger. When you're a goalie the choking is very public. I can't remember Lundqvist ever having an obvious choke-job, so he's allowed one.

    But just like a long time pro-golfer can suddenly develop the yips, or a pitcher can't find the strike zone, the metal game is 90% of pro sports. So it will be extremely interesting to see if the Prince can climb back on his throne.

  3. Here's hoping. I like the guy and his determination - what other goalie pre-season ever announces to the press that he intends to play every game throughout the season? Maybe this is precisely the problem.

    This weekend, Pucks, will answer it all -- I wonder if Renney will start Valiquette!!? That would be the first-Renney 'bitch-slap' to a major player this season.

  4. I gave the Prince his name as I deemed he was not ready for Kingdom. However, I am not ready to toss him over the side. When a team performs as it did in blowing a five goal lead there is only one place to put the blame and that is on coach clueless. I've said it before and I will say it again, this team is going nowhere with this clueless coaching staff.The core of this team has been Lundqvist, Jagr and Avery. Avery is the only one living up to the bargain and he soon may be traded.


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