Friday, March 28, 2008

It's That 'Ole Devil Magic, NYR 3, Devils 2 - in regulation!

Official recap here.

The New York Rangers have taken seven wins out of seven meetings this season against our rival across the Hudson. Not since the 1967-68 season have the Rangers beaten the same team in one season seven times in a row (then against the Toronto Maple Leafs).

Special thanks go to Scott Gomez's sore ribs who allowed him to keep his former comrades playing chase all game long. The Dark Ranger gives a huge 'shout out' to Chris Drury who miraculously anticipated the game-winning 'human-shuffleboard-goal' by Nigel Dawes - a goal that will remain a masterpiece. 'You Go, Christopher!" As Rangers Coach Tom Renney pointed out "As ugly as it was, it was pretty."

For anyone that missed this one.... A pass by Chris Drury, who assisted on every New York goal, hit the skate of Devils defenceman Sheldon Brookbank and caromed in on Brodeur. He steered the puck into the onrushing Dawes, on the ice after being knocked down by Travis Zajac. Both players barreled into the crease, with Dawes pushing the puck over the line with his shoulder with 3:06 left. A work of art.

New York Ranger Goalkeeper "King" Henrik Lundqvist made 32 saves for his 35th win, earning back his royalty for a night. His nemesis, Devils goalkeeper Marty Brodeur, on the other hand, is a whiny little bitch who again post-game decided not to take any responsibility for the seven out of seven losses to the Rangers. Even last week's win against the Devils, Marty-the-Whiner lost in a shootout -- again to Nigel Dawes -- and suggested to the press that Nigel never meant to shoot in the direction he did, therefore, declaring it was luck that gave the goal to rookie Dawes. How dare him! Last night - the 'sliding win-goal' was the work of The Dark Ranger and my spells, and to Mr. Brodeur.....pure karma!

Eat it Jersey! A couple in Pittsburgh to go, a couple more on the Island and then one more to go at the end of our season -- Rangers vs. Devils -- so don't you worry Mr. Self-Proclaimed Marty Greatest Goalkeeper in the World......after eight losses to the Blueshirts, they don't let you back in Manhattan if you lose one more. You only get nine lives you big whining pussy.



  1. Hey Dark Ranger. Why don't you tell us what you really think of Martin Brodeur?

  2. Is the Dark Ranger afraid to post about the spanking the NYR took from Sid the Kid?

    Cross your fingers that you don't play them in the first round. My only concern for the NYR is that if the Penguins can win the first round and gain confidence they could be really tought to beat.

    tick tick tick - the playoffs are near!


  3. Blue...we could play them in the playoffs AND BEAT THEM.
    Pundit...little harsh? Marty needs it. He's just too good.


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