Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oops! (UPDATE)

Jibblescribbits here. TDR and I had a great idea to each watch a game of the other's favorite team, and do a little analysis. You know, get an outsider's perspective. TDR covered the Kings-Avs game this weekend for me (which was perfect timing since I was out of town)

Well I set up the TiVo to record the Blueshirts-Isles game tonight and since my TiVo has a cable box and IR feed every once in a while it will malfunction and tonight, don't you know, it malfunctioned. So I have 2 & 1/2 hours of the National Geographic channel on my TiVo for me, but alas no Rangers-Isles game to watch.

So I apologize, but I will cover Thursday's game instead, barring any other technical difficulties.

UPDATE: Last night's game recap is here and Scotty's take here.


  1. Damn, I was hoping for some commentary on hyenas feasting on lions ... oh wait, that was the Ranger game ...

  2. That about sums it up Scotty, and actually Jibbles, I do believe the Dolan family owns part of Tivo so it was no mistake that you missed the game.

    Thursday will be much improved, I am sure. Perhaps Coach Tom Renney will start a confident goaltender this time.

  3. 1) Geez, couldn't ya have predicted last night's result? The Isles come in reeling. On the road. Their starting goalie at his grandmother's funeral The rangers riding reletively high, playing at home wanting to show their cross town rivals who's the real playoff bound team.
    2) The result? Of course the isles somehow win at MSG, again. Yet another reason to never bet on sports! At least the Blueshirts got a loss-point

  4. Jagr is a brutal leader!
    How can someone call themselves a captain while sitting on a bench during a shootout. I realize that Jagr isn't the greatest breakaway shooter but 2 points is on the line. Messier would come down from the press box for an opportunity to lace them up and shoot. This missed point could be the difference between home ice or not come the playoffs.

    What an idiot!


  5. Faux - it sadly was predictable. The Rangers have played down to the Isles skill level for the last two seasons and have gotten killed for the simple reason that Nolan has his squad willing to work hard and ready to pounce on the Blueshirts mistakes. And when the Rangers don't play their game to the best of their ability, those mistakes come early and often. Renney hasn't gotten his entire team to buy into the hard work from whistle to whistle at all this year and for some reason certainly not against their biggest rivals. They rely on their talent and that just isn't enough.

  6. ...but with that same "Renney-does-nothing" approach we seem to rally against New Jersey just about every game this season, the number one in the division and most consistent team in the Atlantic Division -- which is remarkable. The Rangers definitely rise to the level of the team they are playing...


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