Monday, March 10, 2008

Yankee Stadium game likely for Rangers, and NYR 1, Bruins 0

The Dark Ranger is thrilled that this may be a possibility as long as the MSG season ticket holders are guaranteed first buy-in. As it would be a historic final game at Yankee Stadium - and strangely odd - you can count on the Dolan family (owner of MSG and The NY Rangers) to give something back to the fans and keep the ticket prices low. (not!)

Knowing there were disputes with Penguin Igloo ticket holders for this year's Winter Classic, we can only hope for smooth sailing for those - including myself - that shell out our kids' college 529 plans to attend the playoffs this season!

Sorry to have missed posting yesterday's game against the Boston Bruins, as Little Dark Ranger will be brought into the world tomorrow morning. Not much to say about the game, except we will take the two points and we will also take that level of goaltending. Henrik Lundqvist was stellar in goal -- deserving of his contract. The Lundqvist we once goalie who will steal two games in the playoffs and bolster the confidence of our zero defense. Rozy played well toward the end of the game, but still needs to be reminded that he can be replaced if necessary.

There were numerous scoring opportunities; if a 0-0 game in regulation could be judged on goal post-hits the Rangers would have won 15-1. Luck didn't go our way in scoring: Jags failed breakaway, Chris Drury's beautiful far corner miss, Sean Avery's hustle for nothing. But all in all, Henrik took the game from Boston and Nigel Dawes (the lone scoring goal in the shootout) took the game for the Rangers!

Everyone welcome a guest Flyers fan who will objectively attempt to cover the Buffalo-Rangers game this evening, 7PM EST. I have no idea what will happen!!!???

Let's go Rangers! Lookin' good these days.....but for how long?



  1. TDR - Good luck and best wishes for lil DR.
    As for the blog - how could you entrust it to a Flyers fan?!?!? I can see Jibbles or someone out west, but a Flyers fan???
    And for the outdoor game, I sure hope they don't do it in New York. I have to agree with this guy in that the last thing in the Stadium should be a baseball game and, as someone who went to the Winter Classic, I truly believe that New York City cannot pull off something like that. And as much as everyone is fond of the place, Yankee Stadium is an uncomfortable, tight-spaced dump. Now multiply it by a cold, drunk, winter-coat wearing hockey crowd of Ranger and Islander fans who loathe each other. Not a good recipe.

  2. First, Congrats to you on TtDR (The tiny Dark Ranger).

    As someone who's never been to NYC, let alone Yankee Stadium, I have no idea how realistic it is as a place to host a hockey game.

    But as someone who watches hockey on TV, I would be interested in seeing a game at Yankee Stadium. Not against the Isles or Devils, that would be way too NY-centric, but against an Original 6 team, or a different classic rival like the Flyers or even the Sabres, would peak my interest as well.

  3. Good luck and the best always. Maybe you can call him The Little Dark Ranger.

    Am not overly excited about a hockey game at Yankee Stadium.Can only imagine what the natives would be drinking on a cold winter day. I wasn't overly thrilled with the so called outdoor classic. I thought it was a terrible hockey game, made worse by the elements.

    But what the hell do I know? I've been a Ranger fan for all of seventy years and have witnessed all of two Cups.

    Anyhow! You and yours enjoy the blessed event. The Greatest gift that the Good Lord has given us. God Bless.


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