Monday, April 28, 2008

I Am Still Exhausted

Sorry no posting. I am still exhausted from yesterday's loss. Will be at the Garden tomorrow night with my referee shirt and cape calling the game as I see it. Maybe teach 'Crosby-the-Diver' a thing or two about 'going up against the boards.'

Henrik salute!!! Keep us in it, as you attempted to do yesterday. Awesome goaltending. You did the best you could.



  1. Wow. You sure sound like a Leafs fan. I hope so, because the Penguin fans have more class than you.

  2. Either that, or a disgruntled Fishsticks fan (the Fishsticks have fans?!?) who wasn't satisfied with his Long John Silvers Blubber Bites.

  3. Classic one, straka82. Well done on pegging anonymous for a half-assed seafood eater ("these Fishsticks may actually contain actual fish or hockey taste").

    If we end the night without a win, I will at least walk away proudly knowing that Jeff Eggum & his hockey empire continues to make history!

  4. Well said. We just gotta hope for the W and for Lou Armadillo to pick up some more crap players during the offseason. I'm sure Marty's already whining about the state of the green on the back nine.


  5. 3-3 as i type this...

    Remember TDR we're supposed to meet in the finals.

  6. jibbles..if for nothing else, maybe the 'finals of our dreams'...right now I see you're down by two, 4-2 with 15 min left in the third. Our mirror teams are a myth....take it, for God's sakes...please win.

  7. jibbles shmibbles. The Dark Ranger is "all knowing and powerful". He speaks the truth of hockey empires. Rangers will win the cup this year.


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