Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The King Rocks The Rock, NYR 4, Devils 1

Well, The Dark Ranger visited The Prudential Center (a.k.a. The Rock) and I couldn't be more thrilled that New York Ranger goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist stole the game away from Jersey in the first of the first-round playoffs this evening. Sha-Bing....!

Before I comment on the game, let me state that Devils fans ought to get out of the house a little more, as 25 percent of the house were Blueshirts (plus one very Dark looking character with a cape near the scoreboard). I bought tickets - really good tickets - yesterday, and a real franchise wouldn't have tickets available to the first home-advantage game. I was surrounded by 'my peeps in blue' and we were 12 rows behind Brodeur chanting loudly, "HENRIK's BETTER, clap, clap.....Henrik's.....(blatantly suggesting to Marty that Henrik is a better goaltender) get the idea. Let's just say it irked him! (Enjoy the pix of Marty Brodeur on his ass last half of the game).

Lundqvist deserves the night, as he made up for every garbled Christian Backman play and a weak defense unable to clear our own zone when it mattered. Thanks Renney! Great system - one built on defense without a Brian Leetch. Needless to say, Henrik made up for all these faults and our forwards managed to make a game of it.

Second honors go to Scott Gomez who not only rose to the resounding "boo's" he received from his former NJ fan base every time he touched the puck, he earned 'an assist hat-trick' - and provided the necessary threat to Marty Brodeur. He knows their tricks.

Special honorable mention to Brendan Shanahan who selflessly gave the open net fourth goal to Nigel Dawes - a gentleman's gesture, All-Star to rookie. Also, scoring the Rangers' second goal, this guy showed his playoff experience tonight - working Marty in net, keeping him on his toes. Thanks Shanny for showing up tonight!

Sean Avery played hard, Captain Jagr was strong and immortal, and the invisible Chris Drury played a great 'behind the scenes' act that allowed for at least two goals. Brandon Dubinsky continues to throw himself physically into impossible plays, and literally Callahan performed a miraculous wrap-around-Brodeur goal, the game-winning goal, which again pissed off Brodeur who subsequently banged his stick on the ice a number of times. Funny. Our section reiterated our "HENRIK'S.....BETTER......." chant again for full theatrical effect.

Four to one is a great start in the series, the second meeting again at The Pebble in Newark this Friday! More to come, on the Path train home bound, and finally....




  1. Not sure if i've ever said congrats to the Rangers, but I am such the avid-NJ-hater right now I'll say anything. a good win for NY. Now may our Flyers take out Ovechkin.

  2. New Jersey fans have never supported the team. They are weak, though the team itself remains one of the strongest and most consistent teams in the East. Here you have Sutter - first year coach, the Devils losing Scott Gomez and Brian Rafalski - destined to lose this season and they are second in the division and top seeded. Lou upstairs runs a tight ship and maybe after another potential loss to the Rangers, we will se another famous LOU FIRING...taking it upon himself to be the coach again two years in a row. I wouldn't be surprised.

  3. jared...that means a lot coming from a philly fan. I am with you on the anti-NJ, especially Marty of late. He is such a whiner and i hope we clear them from any playoff hopes and even out the last couple of years.

    leafs...I was so surprised to see how many Blueshirts dominated the house. I wouldnt' be surprised if LOU pulled a Tanya Harding on Sutter if they lose Friday.

  4. (Hello - A card-carrying yet utterly deflated Hurricanes fan here.) Historically speaking, I like Marty, but I think the Rangers are going to skunk them in this round. Marty, want another donut?

  5. Its amazing the difference in the demeaner of Mr. Brodeur after he beat us Sunday and his comments after the loss. Of course he shrugged off the seven losses to Henrik during the season. He may be a great goalie, maybe, but it all stops there with his personality. Nothing would please me more than seeing his face on the losing end of the handshake with Henrik. The Path to the Cup goes through Newark. Keep riding it baby!

  6. Kudos to The Dark Ranger for a kickin' site. Living in NJ I gotta give props to the Devil's Jersey-Girl cheerleaders, even though they looked as together as the Ranger defense in the first two periods.

  7. Those cheerleaders could be compared to Rozsival "Damn! I look good, but please don't bite!!!!"


  8. Hey boys, keep your minds on the game. Those girls are dirty, just as dirty as the Isles Ice Girls, if not worse!

  9. Marty won't drop game 3. How many times has Brodeur lost back to back in the playoffs?
    Cross your fingers and hope for a split at the Garden.
    Good to see you all back on the Jagr bandwagon. The New York media has been brutal to this legend of the game and I look forward to Jagr raising Lord Stanley's Mug and laughing off into the sunset.
    Rangers in 5!

    Nuff said



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