Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gaborik Looked Healthy This Game

Well fellow Rangers fans, time to get pumped! It's been a long season without a goal scorer, and if we experience a healthy Gaborik this upcoming season we could experience a new love for our Blueshirts.

I remember this game -- I didn't like it one bit. How differently I now feel with him wearing Blue.



  1. Was absolutely miserable watching this, but still stayed and watched in awe at how amazing he was that night.

  2. Hate to burst your bubble here TDR but there is one tiny detail to point out.
    Gaborik will not be facing the Ranger defense this season.

  3. No bubble burst, Jess. Gaborik also will not be facing Henrik Lundqvist this season either. ;)

  4. i remember that night, i only kept watching because i was amazed by what he was doing out there. i still don't think it was a good signing. if he's healthy sather looks like a genius, but even if he is healthy, it's a reckless use of resources.


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