Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What, no trip to mars on the space shuttle to play for The Intergalactic Supremacy Cup?

THE 2009-2010 Schedule is here.

And our first game is against those Cup smuggling B*tches from Sh*tsburgh. Nice, we get to sit through 30 minutes of them raising their cup banner and little Cindy doing his teary eyed prom queen acceptance speech to the delight of their obnoxious (mostly)fans and their cheerleading douche of a Commissioner. So set your Tivo's and don't miss this chance to witness the circus that surrounds the success of Bettman's "product"!!!!

The rest of will join you shortly after @ 7:30 when hockey (well, the diving, slew footing,headhunting and penalty dodging-- we are playing the Pens afterall) starts.

Some dates of Interest...

*Mon Oct 12, 2009 Maple Leafs @ Rangers 7:00 PM
- Possible Return of Colton Orr (Bout with Brashear?)
*Thu Oct 22, 2009 Devils @ Rangers
- Return of the Lemaires Devils & the Trap. Bring a pillow. zzz....
*Sat Oct 24, 2009 Rangers @ Canadiens 7:00 PM
- First look at the overhauled Habs Team and Gomez/Mara's shot at revenge?
*Wed Oct 28, 2009 Rangers @ Islanders 7:00 PM
- Look at the highly regarded Taveres
*Fri Oct 30, 2009 Rangers @ Wild 8:00 PM
- Gabbys return to Minnesota -- if he lasts that long
*Thu Nov 5, 2009 Rangers @ Oilers 9:30 PM
- Tom Renney's first chance to send a dozen pizzas to our hotel room as a prank.
*Tue Nov 17, 2009 Capitals @ Rangers 7:00 PM
- First time playing Cap since we got hosed in the playoffs. Brashears Reunion.
*Wed Dec 30, 2009 Flyers @ Rangers 7:00 PM
- First time we play the Fly girls and Chris Prongers Elbow.
*Thu Mar 18, 2010 Blues @ Rangers 7:00 PM
-Annual Visit from JD-- can I get a "Whoah baby..."?

- J

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