Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Rangers Sign Murray Heatley!

New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with retired and aging WHA free agent Murray Heatley.

Of course this hasn't happened, but maybe Slats & Co. should start thinking about how to truly get the much ridiculed and mocked Ottawa Senator left-winger Dany Heatley in a Rangers uniform this season.

Sign his Dad, Murray Heatley.

What Daddy says, Dany does. Where Daddy says to go, Dany goes (see Eric Lindros). Some suggest that it is Father Heatley that has decided that his ideas of how to play his son conflict with Senator's management, which has led to this cluster-f**k of a negotiation.

While Senators GM Bryan Murray has maintained the price has gone up after the unhappy winger refused to waive his no-movement clause to be dealt to the Edmonton on July 1, Heatley's Calgary-based agent J.P. Barry has said his client hasn't closed the door on playing for the Oilers or the New York Rangers. Receiving more than appropriate criticism for the way things have been handled, J.P. Barry apparently is following the rules of the player's association and they have done nothing wrong.

That is...except, piss off every single ticket buying patron in Ottawa, piss off every player in his own locker room and embarrass the NHLPA.

A trade of Nik Zherdev and Rozsival plus a couple of draft picks for Heatley is probably more attractive now then it was in late June, as Bryan Murray obviously would like to get rid of Heatley and his $7 million a year circus.

My advice: Offer the Senators the above players and draft pick trade. Offer to pay the Senators an additional $4 million to cover the bonus he received on July 1 - and make the deal with (Papa) Murray Heatley first, who will then dictate to agent Barry...and The Dark Ranger guarantees that Dany Heatley will be a Blueshirt.

Slats can send my commission check to the fans.


In other news:
Christopher Higgins has inked a one-year deal with the New York Rangers. We couldn't be happier, especially for the price ($2.25M). The Manic Ranger says is best.


  1. Clever DARK, but i think this one sits with Heatley being a baby. He has five years left on his contract and should abide by it, the boards do suggest that his dad is an influence in his decision making. you might be right because he's committing trading suicide right now. he's damn good, but who the hell wants him if this is how he honors his contracts?

  2. you can't trade money under the terms of the CBA.


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