Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dubinsky Is A Schmuck!

So it's official.  (Questionable) New York Ranger, Brandon Dubinsky, is a schmuck.

For months now, Rangers fans have anticipated a multi-year deal to be locked and loaded with our home-grown Brandon Dubinsky -- though despite his PIMs of last year, he could be one of the most awkward fighters in the league -- but most important, this guy wears his heart on his sleeve and we have watched it dangling for two seasons now.  I remember the young kid under former NYR coach Tom Renney centering Jaromir Jagr adding points to every game, Jagr the proud Papa and his newly found hockey pup.  Brandon represents to us what we expect of all our Rangers:  Aggressive.  Caring.  Loyal.

But hang on folks...

As a restricted free agent this season, we have waited for the contract that never came, even after Brandon's reassurances to the media and fans two weeks ago that the deal would be made and things would be worked out.  Being given another shot at centering a world-class sharp-shooter, this time under the tutelage of the Torts system and our newly minted Blueshirt star-power Marian Gaborik, we had expectations of a much larger Brandon Dubinsky - and even a product of the new New York Rangers youth movement.   And so....the promises....the doubt....the reassurances.....belief again..on again.....but still no contract.

If you are a stranger to the off-season, we are now back in-season as today was the first day of training camp for the Blueshirts, where young'ens got to challenge the veterans for the limited number of spots on the third and fourth lines for opening night - Oct. 1 against the Penguins and the first home game Oct. 2 against the Senators (without the Heat).  And guess who didn't show up?   Our very own 1. Aggressive 2. Caring and 3. Loyal, Brandon Dubinsky.

After two days of last minute sitdowns with NYR General Manager, Glen Sather and Brandon Dubinsky & 'His Agent', things went sour and no contract or agreement came to pass.  Where he has the option to take a minimal salary, prove himself for one more season, and go to town with a multi-year and 'hog-money' contract, he (and his agent) are choosing to bend the Blueshirt organization back 'n forth.  Perhaps Henrik Lundqvist's one-year contract with the Rangers, followed by his six-year re-signing would be good precedent in the Sather Caves.....obviously, Agent Dubie has something else in mind and now it's affecting the team.

This is what our coach John Tortorella, who has been quiet about these affairs until now, had to say about this situation:

“It’s stupid, “ the Rangers head coach said after 50-plus players went through a series of medical tests and wind sprints. “He’s a young man that needs to be here. I think a player needs to be with his teammates. I’m hoping he realizes that. I think his agent’s stupid….I think Dubi understands my feelings. I thought Glen (Sather) was very honest with Dubi a couple days ago---I was privy to that conversation---as a general manager and man-to-man as a friend.”

So now the Coach feels like the fans.  He may be signed one minute after this posting, but I wanted to get the message out there that we all feel Brandon's agent is misguiding him and setting a very bad precedent for his future career as a professional hockey player. And ultimately, this is Dubinsky letting this happen.

...and all of this makes him look like a sore loser.  Not quite Dany Heatley, but something related.   Not what we had in mind from our young hopefuls, 'Dubie'.



  1. Sorry TDR but which side has been repeatedly been refusing to take cheap shots at the other side in the media?

    Which side broke their own policy about disclosing how much money was on the table? The Rangers

    Which side has resorted to name calling? The Rangers

    Did the Rangers offer to pay for Dubi's insurance so he could attend the camp? NO

    Did the Rangers offer to keep talking over the weekend? NO

    Why is Dubi the bad guy for wanting to be paid fairly? All it takes is one injury and career is over.

    Why is Dubi the bad guy when year after year the Rangers have given outsiders millions?

  2. Jess, one suggests that there is equal footing when dealing with the Evil Empire and I would never argue that Dubie isn't worth the protection and contract that he is likely seeking...but,

    Dubie has been misrepresenting himself because his agent knew who they were dealing with and how they deal. They are last minute negotiators who play both ends to the middle. They must know that Slats and his secret plans include cornering him with his restricted status, not paying insurance, potentially replacing him with a 'Phil Kessel' type if their secret offers go through -- so Agent Dubie must play into these foreshadowed schemes. THIS is their business, knowing your client -- we've seen it all before this event with Slats & gang...

    His agents allowed him to broadcast to the media and fans that the deal will be worked out...nothing to worry about. You and I care about what these kids get paid and how they earned it, but the fan I sit next to at MSG doesn't give a hoot about any of this. They expect their boys to play and DUBIE and his agent have played into the "audience favorite" approach to getting your contract done. False move. Check.

    I still love the guy -- his heart, determination, all of it, but this should have been determined weeks ago - not Dubie missing camp and creating a hole up front and the coach going vocal about it.

    Come on...they must have known this was going to happen at the 11th hour?

    I never said he was a bad guy, either. I only called him a schmuck (with a slap upside the head). Who knows, maybe a contract is already done and you & I can have that drink. (Whew)


  3. I gotta agree with you Dark, for someone who wants to play... and be a Ranger... he sure as hell ain't showing it right now. Players play and sitting on your sorry @$$ and b*tching about money when the rest of the team showed up early and has been going through hell week, is not really doing yourself any favors. Especially after your coach already mentioned you as a possible first line center. Someone is feeding this kids ego and telling him the Rangers need him a lot more than he needs them.

    While taking pay cuts (mara) and offering to play where and however you're needed (shanny) hasn't really made ol' Slats a blessing to deal with... hearing he didn't want to include you in a deal for Heatley and then figuring you had him by the balls was indeed stupid.

  4. Dubinsky is committing sports suicide. Brooks did a great comparison this morning regarding Jeter having to make less years ago, as he was restricted as well --- Dubinsky is overvaluing himself and his agent is overlooking that he has an opportunity to play on the first line, which will hardly be the case when Glen Sather ultimately decides to trade his ass to another team for a more experienced front-line center. The Rangers have the cap space.

    This is a mess that Dubie is creating himself. I wouldn't be surprised if Sather lowers the originally offered increase from $700K for this season to $500K.

    As a huge fan of Dubinsky's rise, I agree he is making a huge career mistake by going down the road of "I" and "me", rather than "team".


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