Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some 2009-10 Hockey Predictions

What???  A NY Rangers site not predicting them to win The Cup???  Heresy...I know.

As summer feels gone and we are 22 days, three hours and 19 minutes away from the debut of our new and improved 'Tort-shirts', one of our part-time contributing bloggers - BlueNationLeafs - wants to share his predictions for both conferences and who will eventually win the 'Bacterial Lord Cup of Post-Sid'.   Scream at us, comment at will, and if you feel you have any questions on his hypothesis -- send them my way and I'll be sure they are answered.    I will agree that he is putting great stock and prestige in our Atlantic Division rival - the Philadelphia Flyers -- something The Dark Ranger is not happy about in any form.  Chris Pronger is the missing piece in probably the strongest blueline in the East, a team with great depth, but that doesn't mean we need to like them.  In fact, I think they stink.  (but it is inevitable that Chris Pronger will lay out the welcome wagon for an overconfident Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby...hence this picture), but I digress....

So I introduce to you --- another list by another expert.   TDR

Eastern Conference 2009/2010 Predictions                        
1. Philadelphia Flyers 
2. Boston Bruins 
3. Washington Capitals
4. Pittsburgh Penguins 
5. New Jersey Devils 
6. Carolina Hurricanes 
7. New York Rangers 
8. Tampa Bay Lightning 
9. Ottawa Senators 
10. Buffalo Sabres 
11. Atlanta Thrashers 
12. Toronto Maple Leafs 
13. Montreal Canadians 
14. Florida Panthers 
15. New York Islanders

Western Conference 2009/2010 Predictions

1. Detroit Red Wings 

2. Vancouver Canucks 
3. Anaheim Ducks 
4. San Jose Sharks 
5. Chicago Blackhawks 
6. Calgary Flames 
7. Dallas Stars 
8. Columbus Blue Jackets 
9. St Louis Blues 
10. Edmonton Oilers 
11. Los Angeles Kings 
12. Nashville Predators 
13. Minnesota Wild 
14. Colorado Avalanche 
15. Phoenix Coyotes

The Final Four 2009/2010
Philadelphia Flyers vs.  Boston Bruins  (Flyers in 7)        
Detroit  Red Wings vs. Calgary Flames (Flames in 6)
The Stanley Cup
Philadelphia Flyers vs. Calgary Flames (Flyers win Stanley Cup in 6)


  1. This is close. at least the rangers make the playoffs again,a solid objective observation for a leafs fan. philly and pronger will be a strong contender but don't underestimate NYR.

  2. We did take the last two games of last season vs. Philly. Although, we only have five of those NYR players left. Hell...we'll just throw Valli at them (and not Frankie Valli, Philly fan freaks)...


  3. I will making a standing offer to personally sharpen Prongers skates for him before any of the Flygirl Games against Cindy & Co.



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