Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Cuts Announced

From Rangers Rants, Andrew Gross covers the Rangers for The Record:

After this weekend, coach John Tortorella said the team will go down to two goalies. Tortorella, while addressing the media, also said he was happy with the way his young defensemen were playing but had not been happy with his veterans' performance. As for the young defensemen: Bobby Sanguinetti may play both games this weekend and Michael Del Zotto and Matt Gilroy would each play at least one. Ilkka Heikkinen was kept over second-round pick Mike Sauer and Tortorella said Heikkinen would probably play one game this weekend.
Tortorella also ruled out Marian Gaborik for tomorrow night's game but did not rule him out for Saturday at Boston. Earlier in the day, Gaborik said he hoped to play in Monday's home game against the Red Wings.
CLICK HERE for a list of those moving to Hartford


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  1. Just got done watching the game from last night agains the Red Wings in 60. And all I have is one question.

    How the hell am I supposed to watch this all year long?

    Now granted it is preseason, but all the signs point to this being the Rangers worst campaign in years.

    First off, Redden and Rosival have gotten worse since that caps series, if thats even possible. They have to release Redden. That guy is 1,678 kinds of awful. Hes slow, passive, and soft. I can tolerate that from a first or second year player but this dude and his salary just bring everyone down around him. UNACCEPTABLE! A rookie defense man with absolutely no NHL experience, is an upgrade over him at this point. I'd take a d squad of Staal, Rosi, Del Zotto, Sanguinetti, Girardi, and Gilroy into Pittsburgh. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by letting Redden suit up for 1 game. Cut him already! It was a huge mistake, lets put it behind us al-f'n-ready.

    Secondly, how does a player thats coming off hip suregery, get himself a 35 million dollar contract and come into camp with a groin injury before taking part in a single warmup drill? That is the biggest mind f---, Sather should be shot. This move epitomizes how inept Ranger management is.

    I have so many more gripes about this team but not enough space to type it into. Oh well, another season of frustration awaits.


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