Saturday, September 19, 2009

MSG Math: 8 + 7.5 + 6 = A Big Fat Zero

Last night at Joe Louis Arena, the 3rd period began with the Rangers leading 2-0. A well-deserved lead, I might add. Henrik looked sharp again in the 1st and Matt Zaba -- with his lightning quick glove saves that he ends with flourishes -- took care of the 2nd period.

The Rangers had so little offense in the 3rd period,
that the Red Wings were able to really rest their defenders.

But a disturbing deja vu eerieness blurred my vision when I saw Michal Roszival take a humping, I mean holding, penalty in the last minute of the 2nd period. What was that feeling??? It felt so familiar. Why was my stomach turning?? Oh, that's right -- flashbacks to last season where Valiquette and company surrendered 4 goals to Toronto in the 3rd, 6 in Dallas and 4 more against Atlanta in the last 21 minutes of game -- each time blowing leads on the road. Put Matt Zaba between the pipes and Zaba Bing! it's 2008-09 all over again as the Red Wings potted 4. Someone tell Matt it was not all his fault. 2 of those goals were beautful top-shelf shots including the game-winner -- a still rising laser beam from the right circle by Jason Williams.

Whatever positives we saw in the first 2 periods evaporated faster than the Mets' bank account after Bernie Madoff was arrested when the Red Wings came out quickly and buzzed Zaba for 4 goals in stealing a 4-3 victory. Yes, it's preseason, but except for some spurts, the game made me keep looking for my remote to watch the Mets last night. Against the Nationals, in a battle to avoid last place.

The efforts of the Russians -- Artem Anisimov, Evegeny Grachev and Evner Lissin -- were laudable. Anisimov had a beautiful goal that was on YouTube before the 2nd period ended and assisted on Lissin's gaol in the 2nd period. He showed some Antropov skills as he used his lankiness and size to good advantage. His end-to-end rush that led to his goal had my mouth watering. Something that Gomez failed to do. His later move to the net showed some skill in getting himself into scoring position.
Nice elusiveness for a big guy.

Hockey is real easy when there is no one stopping your rushes.

As for the column's title -- perhaps only Bernie Madoff's client understands about getting so little out of so much. $20 million worth of contracts stinking up the place. The "D-" men of the blue line -- Roszival and Redden -- were simply awful out there. Read the official game recap here and notice that R&R are conspicuously absent from the game's description. R&R were on the ice for all 4 goals, sometimes literally -- the two of them floundering on their bellies like beached seals after a terrible defensive stretch in the 3rd period. That's $14 million on the ice. And yes, class, that only accounts for $14MM of my equation abouve. Let's not forget the other non-contributor -- Marian Gaborik and his $7.5 million -- he of the sore groin and out for the 1st 3 (preseason) games so far this season. Sounds like the Mets and Oliver Perez.

No doubt Charles Ponzi chuckles to himself in his grave everyday when he watches Cablevision dollars flow out the door to overpaid Ranger (and Knick) players. The fireworks and breast-beating over last night's 3rd period on other boards made my terminal glow last night from the heated anger over those two.

Near the end of the game, Joe Michelletti tried to put a gloss on the defeat noting that this is what preseason is good for -- seeing what the youngsters can do. He ominously mentioned (unintentionally for sure) that the Rangers already know what the veterans can do. I am afraid that Joe has more common sense than he gets credit for. We Rangers fans certainly know. Yet, for now, I will comfort myself with the thought that it's only preseason.

This afternoon, the Rangers get to see the Bruins who finalized their trade of Phil Kessel to Toronto last night.
No more chowdah, no more bisque. Phil Kessel
being helped out of TD Pavilion last night
after his trade to Toront
o was finalized.

---Graying Mantis

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  1. GM, the only thing that now gets me through watching that 3rd period was reading your blog entry -- you had me in stitches, and to end it with that visual of the crab getting Kessel....priceless.

    Great post -- couldn't have felt it better myself.



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