Monday, November 30, 2009

See this?!?!?! GOOD, now remember it!!!!

Dear New York Rangers,
Remember it every time you’re coasting through the neutral zone behind the play and think, “I’m tired…” or “I’m sore…” ; remember it every time you choose to use a half hearted poke check instead of ripping into an opposing player with a hard bodycheck; remember it every time your goalie is run and laying under a pile of opposing players. Remember it every time you look down at your chest and see the “C” or “A”. Remember it whenever you see a call up hustle his ass off, hoping to get a position you’re already in and taking for granted.
Most of all, remember it when you’re whining about your 6 figure paycheck; walking around the greatest city in the world or into an arena to see your name stitched across the shoulders of people that break their backs to make the smallest fraction of what you make yet still find a way to spend 250 bucks to pay homage to you; remember it when you’re making reservations at fine restaurants and you say "of the New York Rangers" after your name; remember it when you're cruising in your exotic sportcars down the street and people are pointing; or lying next to the supermodel flavor of the week in afterglow… because you’ve hardly proved that you deserve any of this and are playing like nobodies.
This above is the image that will haunt you in your sleep. The wuss many of you voted as the biggest whiner in the league, still managed to score 3 goals on you and along with the rest of his team (5 F*CKING GOALS), remain unscathed. The torrential downpour of cheap give away hats hurled by watered down, mainstream Bettman manufactured fans… celebrating him and his band of league protected cronies, making you look like fools. The worst part of it is, they weren’t even trying that hard. This is not about the inconsistencies of youth, nor the lacking abilities of a backup goaltender… Every team suffers a drubbing at one time or another. This is about whether the loss (along with your collective @$$) was gift wrapped and handed to you or if it had to be crammed down your collective throats. What I saw was a team that had something to say but didn’t want to cause a stir, so they (except for a few) took the abuse, hung their heads and walked away.
My congratulations go out to Avery, Brashear, Callahan, Voros and every other player, like Matt Gilroy (in tampa), who managed to dig down deep (into their cups and rediscover they had a pair.) It wasn’t pretty and sometimes downright ugly, but they knew their job… they knew the jersey were wearing and defended it… and win or lose… for the minutes spent sitting in the locker room or the penalty box, only thought “and I”D DO IT AGAIN!!!” This should come as nothing new to the rest of you, yet you seem to stand around bewildered as if you have forgotten what it means to play with an edge and so you don’t become someone’s B*tch ... even if that means going out on your shield sometimes
This Sh*bird team has your dignity in their back pockets! Whether they took it or you handed it over will be argued (for about 20 secs), and I say with the most heartfelt sincerity as a fan, GO GET IT BACK… and don’t leave the building tonight until you have… pansies.



  1. This was an excellent article and I could not agree more.

    I do not mind losing (well, we are sure used to it), but to play soft and get out-muscled every game is sicking, and a slap in the face for all of us stupid enough to spend our extra hard earned money coming to the Garden.

    Enough already!

  2. Amen J! You know at the very least Sean Avery is reading the blog and will get pumped up from your post. Hilarious too.


  3. Look out below!!!!!

    1/3 through the season and barely an 80 point pace. 93 points are the minimum for the playoffs. In the midst of a 6-12 skein with Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago on the horizon.

    Time to think about deconstructing this squad. The list is depressingly long of those who do not deserve to wear the Rangers' sweater.

  4. 1) Changes won't be easy. Hopefully Sather has Bob Gainey on speed dial. He saved him from that aweful Gomez contract.
    2) Perhaps he can 'assist' in acquiring a couple more? Else we can't see how the Rangers can do much roster manipulation when they are close to the cap max.

  5. they did play 5/6 of the game only to fall apart in the last eight minutes, where is the clutchman Drury in all this? Wasn't he the complete player not high scoring but there in the clutch with minutes remaining? buffalo against the rangers planting himself at the net, taking the abuse and going for dirty goals?

    is it too much to ask to trade your Captain and is that possible or does it finally sink the sinking ship?

  6. Games 2-9 shows what this roster can do when everyones motivated and roster spots are not guranteed. Anyone notice that right after the roster was set is when everything started to fall apart. Del-zo was here to stay, Semenovs wife crushed his dreams, Gilroy was a sure thing to make the team. Dubi got his money and was never put too far from the first line center spot. Voros was the odd man out most nights. Noone expected much out of higgins and his slump was just a series of bad bounces at that point. The options became limited and reporters kept pushing the human side of it. Everyone gets along and hangs out and is binded by their the opinion that Lisin can't sing. We have a New York Team and a Coach with a NY attitude whos finally gonna straighten these f*ckers out!.. blah blah blah.
    Then everyone settled in for their long winters nap... content their position was secure. This team needs a swift kick in the balls (because a kick in the @$$ aint doing it). Maybe hitting this team where it hurts and making them earn their money will get everyones attention and break up this encore of cumbaya by the campfire girls.

    A Few things:
    - I think we need to go back to practices without pucks. This team is so focused on the puck they race to get to it only to turn away from the hit and lose it or make a rushed "hot potato" pass that becomes an instant turn over. Ok Bobby Clark was a tool, but he had a point when he said "“We take the shortest route to the puck and arrive in ill humor.”

    -If I had been at that game in Pittsburgh, I think after Cally dropped 'em with cook, I would have hopped the glass behind the bench, Ripped the "C" from Drury's chest and handed it to Cally. The the mere fact that he knew what was called for, stepped up even though its out of his comfort zone and did it says more than anyone else has (sans Gaborik) in the past few games.

    The d-system is a friggin nightmare now. Where the hell is Schoeny. The last 3 games have been absolute nightmares with D-men switching off at the worst possible time. Stay in your freakin lane and let our captain, or any other limp d*ck forwards, hustle back and pick up the man. It won't happen because we spend too much time letting our forwards cruise deep behind the net and work the puck around the damn boards when because theyre afraid to take the training wheels off and play the puck in open ice. Half the reason Gaborik is the one scoring all the goals is because hes on the right side of the freakin net.

    For a team that's weak on D, and don't like the physical play, we spend too much time bullsh*tting along boards, keeping our forwards too deep to help out on the backcheck and sending open invitations to be run by any knuckle dragger looking to land a good helmet-popper. I agree that we have too many damn cap problems for then number of kids we have in the rebuild. Even without buying power, I think we either need to:

    Skate better; pass crisper and get back to being in better condition that the other teams. (Gaborik, Parentau)


    Suck it up, get used to taking the abuse and start dishing it out and buying ourself enough time with the puck to do the right things; Go right to the net and scrap for the dirty goals. Stand up for our goalie while we're at it. (Avery,Callahan, Prospal, even Brashear is having some success with it)

    ...because this in between, mousey bullsh*t (Everyone else) is getting on my nerves.

  7. Amen, and too bad they don't listen/care/whatever. We have a bunch of mercenaries out to make money and that is what they are doing. That is what most everyone who signs for New York does. It is disgusting. They are overpaid, coddled and not made accountable by a management who, frankly, doesn't care. It is mind-boggling and shaming that we continue to live and die every night for a bunch of dudes who would play like they have something else better to do. Witnessing this night after night and now year after year leaves me questioning myself. What was that Einstein quote? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results??

    I must be out of my f--king mind.

  8. Scotty,

    At least you'll be in good company. I'd rather live and die for a team that does nothing every night than a team that can't draw flies in an expansion market. Unfortunatly, I think we're also becoming the latter too.

    The thing I find funny about it, is one could argue that Gabbys a merc too, but how would you know. If its a pay for services, we should be so lucky to have everyone else hold their end of the bargain the way he is. I personally don't care if the team is real close now off the ice. Its nice if they are, but one has to wonder if the complacency is spreading quicker because of it.


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