Monday, November 15, 2010

Benedict Arnold or Erik Christensen?

As you've all heard by now, New York Rangers Erik Christensen took liberties with the Edmonton press yesterday, essentially calling out his own teammate Sean Avery as clearly sucker punching Oiler's Smid during yesterday's match.

If you're not a Rangers fan, anything to do with Sean Avery will be a disgrace and you may praise Christensen for his honesty and forthright nature, but...

Sean Avery is my agitator and my pain-in-the-ass and I support him as a fan and I know and he knows his place in the league (even if Torts doesn't at times).  I say Erik Christensen is 'a bit of a rat' for screwing around with the locker room chemistry that is now winning them games.  The last thing we need is for our inner-core turning on each other and criticizing each other.  That should be left to the coach.

Blueshirt Banter did a nice piece here.  

So The Dark Ranger is calling him out as a disgrace to the jersey he wears.  Plain and simple.

You are supposed to protect your own Erik Christensen, so keep your damn mouth shut next time.



  1. Yeah, expert analysis from a Christiensen, a guy who never dropped the gloves in his life. He should stick to hockey, he might actually live up to his potential one day. I guess Christiensen and the people whining it was cheap, think Aves should have disregarded what was going on with the play and just locked eyes with Smid and had a meaning full conversation, called down a notary public and signed a contract to scrap. Then again that would be against the Bettman rules wouldn't it (not spontaneous enough). Is there any doubt as to whether or not Avery would have left Smid in a pile of ice shavings if the puck came by?

    Not for nothing, there could be a million and a half reasons to see it either way. Most of the people that are calling it a sucker punch are going on Avery's past.

    I personally see it this way.
    - It was after a clean check (Fraser had no problem with the hit, he wasn't laid out on the ice for any amount of time... It wasn't away from the puck)
    - Smid came calling... the phrase "Be careful what you wish for...." comes to mind.
    - Avery was square to him the whole time. Avery may have been watching the play but it was Smid, that came calling, said "lets go..", whacked Aves with the stick and then decided he wasn't ready... You drop a challenge... let the other guy skate away.

  2. I considered it a bit of a sucker punch, but Smid did try to start it, and he had his gloves off by the time Avery punched him...I have to admit, I loved the way Avery reeled him in!

    Christensen should have stuck by his teammate, or kept his mouth shut.

  3. "Sean Avery is my agitator and my pain-in-the-ass and I support him as a fan and I know and he knows his place in the league"

    Amen brotha.

    Erik - the correct response is "no comment"

  4. I may be biased, as I am a card-carrying member of the Sean Avery fan club. I love that man. But not since Dan Girardi stood idly by while Gaborik got his ass kicked by that disease, Danny Carcillo have I been so sickened by the actions of a Ranger player. Smid was looking for a fight. He found one. Slink back to the alley for some Cheddar, Christensen.

  5. Christensen sucks as a player and doesn't know what being a teammate is about. He shouldn't be on the team and that should be the final straw ,get rid of him he sucks!!! The Rangers played 2/3 of a very good game. The refs sucked for the whole game.Of course Buttman won't let Torts use his given rite of free speech and tell us exactly what he thinks about the one sided calls. Buttman you alreadt got cindy a cup so lay the efff off and call it fair if you and your clowns no how!!!!!!!!!!!! Doubt it cause you blow as much as your goofy squad!!!!!!!


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