Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ranger Reduce Flames To Embers In Close One

The Flames lived up to their name when their aggressive play ignited a rough and tumble game in the Garden last night. Watching the two teams go at it for 3 periods brought about one observation, they're a lot like us. They're not a start studded team, but make/get their wins off the back of hard work and more often than not are backstopped by a very good goaltender. They're just like us, except last night for once, the breaks fell in our favor.

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The heavy hits went back and forth, the aggressive forechecks and play along the boards. Goaltending on both sides was solid. Kipper kept his team in the game with the exception of a few bad bounces. The Rangers were playing with the Iginla Factor looming over them as he now has goals in 6 games. There seemed to be no shortage of work on either side except for the Boogeyman who once again found himself without a willing dance partner.

The only controversy on the night came in the form of Marc Staal drilling Matt Stajan with an open ice hit. Was it legal, perfectly... but you know the soupy and the guys in the war room in Toronto have been scratching at the surface of it, anyway. We welcome your opinions. Legal?  Illegal? Brutal? A love tap?

Also does anyone else notice there seems to be a lot more targeting of the head since the league actually said something about it?

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  1. When the Flames got a little nasty around the 7 min mark Tort sent out Boogie.Finally he uses Boogie when he is suppose to! Yeah!!!!! See Torts the score doesn't matter or what the clock says what matters is what the other team is doing to your players,thats why he's on the team.On TV you could read his lips when he said well I'm here but everyone ran away except the cheap hit from behind that knocked him down that should have been 2 or 3 different penalties but the stipped shirted ass clowns ignored it. Best of all Boogie just scared them and didn't get sucked into a penalty of his own ,way to go big guy!!!


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