Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Only Takes A Shootout

Tonight Rangers fans we will be treated to our first meeting with the Philadelphia Flyers, one we've been anticipating for over six months - retribution is in order.  Tonight the Rangers enter the Wachovia Center with a different attitude - "You Talkin' to Me?"  

If you haven't blocked it from your noggin, the last time we played Philly was the final regulation game of last season for both New York and Philly and it came down to a shootout - Lundqvist vs Boucher (I think) or in other words, an elite goalkeeper (Henrik) vs their third stringer.  It was do-or-die for both teams.  Whoever won made the playoffs.  We lost.  As luck would have it, the Flyers fought their way to the Stanley Cup vs the Chicago Blackhawks.

We all recall what happened there.  They lost.

So this picture should remind everyone watching tonight that they lost the Cup.  Tonight will be a battle of epic proportions - playing Philly always is.  The Flyers are currently 2nd in the Eastern Conference (7-4-1) and the New York Rangers sit 7th in the Eastern Conference (6-4-1).

Keep in mind that the Rangers have posted a record of 14-3-2 (30 pts) in their last 19 games at Philadelphia, dating back to a 3-1 win on Mar. 27, 2004. May the better team win tonight.

Boy, I hate those Flyers....and boy do we hate Daniel Carcillo.  Expect a game featuring Sean Avery, Brandon Prust and (hopefully dressing tonight) Derek "the Boogeyman" Boogaard to go front and center with Carcilloface, Scott Hartsmelly, and Mike Richardosuck.   You want PIMS?  Tonight will give you PIMS.

As one of our readers said last night in response to a hopeful Derek Boogaard undressing of Daniel Carcillo, "RELEASE THE KRACKEN!!!!"   Hilarious.

Let's Go Rangers!!!!!!



  1. f this team had a better coach Boogie would be taking care of business every game but with torts who is all buster and no balls he isn't used right. I use to watch some Wild games and when someone did something wrong to a wild player Boogie was out the next shift and making his point be heard. The crowd new it and got all reved up and even the announcers would say here comes the sheriff to take control . But torts sucks not only with Boogie but with all the players he is not the right coach for this team. Especially with a defensive unit that sucks. Sather should stop carrying all of these so called offensive defenseman which by the way have shown no offense and bring in someone who can stop a goal and knock someone down.But why do that and improve your team,why start now. The team is average at best and that hurts to say because the Rangers are my team but with this management and coach thats all we can look forward to which is sad very sad.
    Lets hope torts does it right tonight and they let loose the Boogieman!!!!

  2. So just about perfectly summed up how more than half of the Rangers fan base feel these days. I think we'll see something tonight, and if not, then it's business as usual...followed by Boogey healthy scratching the next four games and before you know it he'll be packing his bags north to the Whale (formerly Wolfpack). Though, this would be a shame because Derek is a true deterrent (as opposed to the shameless and out-of-date Brashear).

    Great points and here's hoping..



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