Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some early Gamesman-ship?

Alexander Ovechkin has a few choice words about the upcoming series with the our boys in blue. Most notably about the size of Henrik's pads and the smell of the Garden after the circus has come to town. His astute observations on Lundqvist:

"Well, he has big equipment. You have to make some traffic and go to the net. ... He's a great goalie, but you still can beat him."

When asked if they were "too big"?

"Oh, yeah," Ovechkin said with a laugh.

and on the garden....

"I like playing over there," he said after today's Capitals practice. "Sometimes the ice is no good over there because [of] lots of concerts, lots of dog shows, something like that coming over there. It kind of smells no good over there sometimes."

Now before we tear into AO, it can be said that the above comments were said all in good natured fun. The guy is definitely talented and the best in the league, in my opinion. But how do we know he was kidding? Well you have to figure the guy has a sense of humor. He'd have to set himself up for these.

Exhibit A- Ovechkin did a Car Dealership Commercial that was spoofed by the Thrashers who made their own public service announcement advising against hockey players in bad commercials. This was passed on by fellow poster/writer at The Dark Ranger, Tony:

Exhibit B - This was brought to my attention by a poster in the forum... There are no words to describe this other than perhaps.. "WTF?!?!"

Now I know what you're thinking. "I thought Ovechkin and Semin were mutually exclusive!" ..ok, ok I know the other thing you're thinking and no this isn't any of my photoshop handy work. While its out though, please anyone with access to a xerox machine and playoff tickets...wallpaper the visitors penalty box at garden with it.

Just adding fuel to the fire... Let's Go RANGERS!!!

- J_Undisputed


  1. Not out of respect to anyone, J...a little naked man hug is acceptable in most circles. I mean, look at Sean Avery and his shoe collection!!?

    I guess you've never been to a Russian bath. lol.

    LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!


  2. That commmercial was hilarious. Thanks for posting!

    Go Rangers!

  3. Gamesmenship is fine, but ultimately its all about winning. Nice job last night withstanding the early barrage and allowing Hank to steal one out of Verizon!

  4. Never been to a Russian bath, Dark.. and never will, A shoe collection is fine as long as they're mens shoes. Theres a difference between caring about how you look and about how you look in another guy's lap.
    The ovechkin picture looks like its out of a mail(male?)order bride catalog or something. Perhaps we should caption it.

    "Affectionate left wing seeks loving home. Sings, dances, acts, checks, shoots, passes. Great personality. Loves to cuddle... Expansion teams need not apply."

  5. feels nice to win when you play shitty. Hank stole it for us -- no question. said we'd go far with our new team right after Torts took over...from your mouth to the hockey Gods' ears.

    J...I only go to the Russian baths for the articles. ;) Your ad is hilarious ...he does look like some Russian concubine -- not at all what you'd expect from our newest NHL poster boy.


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