Monday, June 25, 2007

As the blog has been invaded by another country, I offer a beautifully written counter-point by a Canadian hockey writer that poses the statement, "The NHL's Version of the New York Yankees" which outlines the Toronto Leafs Organization and team as an overly bloated, highly ambitious losing franchise.


Now in truth, these are not The Dark Ranger's words -- so such Toronto family members and (sorry tml) Leafs fans (Fabio), the Mirvishes should not take offense. So with that, I leave it to the upcoming season to embarrass our Leaf cohorts and point out every game, every mistep and every goal Mr. Darcy scores on his own team.

With love & "Let's Go Rangers!",

The Dark Ranger


  1. Dear Dark Ranger your posts and commentary remind me of the loaf of bread I purchased several weeks back. STALE!!!!
    Your failure to understand the great CANADIAN game of hockey is very much apparent.
    The 2007 entry draft proved once again with a 60% CANADIAN first round content that we are the best in the world!
    I am looking forward to discussing Miss Avery's whinning and turtling for the upcomming season.
    Good Luck picking any UFAs during the summer
    Good Day

  2. ...and your grand statement of 'the great CANADIAN game of hockey' is an ignorant statement suggesting that The Dark Ranger and the remaining 40% round picks are less than the best.

    You are a silly fan. I am a fan of hockey. I like some teams and other I don't like. Not a big fan of the Leafs and I have pointed out before that Leafs fans are so infatuated with their own infatuation ('hockey as religion') that they cannot understand a counter-argument, cannot look at themselves in the mirror and perhaps say "my team could be better", or for that matter - 'my team sucks'.

    As a life-long Rangers fan, I have been 'boo'ing my own team for years, but now see a light worth cheering. I always love my team; I may not always like them - like a family member.

    This is where you are blind Fabio....kind of like how Darcy Tucker felt after Sean Avery punched him in the face last April.



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