Thursday, June 21, 2007


Had to share the good news reported by Larry Brooks, NY Post. Sorry about the cut & paste:

STAYING POWER: Free agent Brendan Shanahan has instructed his agent to try to hammer out a new deal with the Rangers.

June 21, 2007 -- COLUMBUS - There are no doubts and there is no posturing. Brendan Shanahan yesterday unequivocally stated that he will play next season while at the same time declaring a complete lack of interest in testing the open market though he is eligible to become a free agent on July 1. "I'm going to play next year and it is my intention to play for the Rangers," the winger told The Post by phone from his Cape Cod summer home. "I kind of knew within the first few days or week after we were eliminated that my instincts were to return, but I needed to go through a period and step back to make certain my body was in agreement so I could really make the right decision. "And fortunately, my body is telling me that my instincts were correct. I'm fine. There are no after-effects from the concussion or from coming back from it to play at the end of the year. I'm really looking forward to coming back and trying to win the Stanley Cup in New York. "I want to play for the Rangers. I don't want to go on the open market. I've told my agent [Rick Curran] to talk to Glen Sather and try to get a deal done. I don't want to leave, and if they're not interested in having me back, it will be a complete shock." Shanahan, who missed 15 games after sustaining a Feb. 17 concussion in an unforgettable collision with Philadelphia's Mike Knuble before returning on March 21 for the final nine regular-season games and the playoffs, worked on a one-year, $4M deal he signed as a free agent last summer. Under provisions of the CBA, he is eligible as an over-35-year-old to sign a one-year contract with bonus clauses that would allow the Rangers to expand their cap. "I don't want to discuss what I would or wouldn't do in the contract," said Shanahan, whose agent is expected to speak with Sather here before tomorrow night's Entry Draft. "I've never negotiated in the papers. But there aren't going to be any silly games. It's not a traditional negotiation where I'm looking for leverage, let's put it that way. My feeling is that pretty much anything they propose that will help the Rangers be better, I'll be all ears." Shanahan, who will turn 39 next January, recorded 29 goals and 33 assists in 67 games, only one goal (and seven assists) after returning from the concussion. He registered seven points (5-2) in 10 playoff games while obviously not at full strength. He is enthusiastically anticipating next season. "I'm waiting like everyone else to see what happens with free agents and trades that would make us a better team," said Shanahan, who isn't about to intrude in business decisions but hopes the team retains Michael Nylander while adding a premier second-line center from the free-agent pool. "I think we've got something good going that we could turn into something special."


  1. Enter Robert Lang if Nylander continues to ask for large money.
    The NYR could afford Lang and Shannahan without any problems and could still grab a second tier UFA


  2. A very nostalgic observation Mr. Beach-Ebay-Dogpark. From Pittsburgh to NYC, as Detroit is dumping Lang this year, but...

    Much due to Jagr's credit, Nylander still tallied this season 22 goals and 54 assists for 76 points in 76 games while helping the Rangers reach 100 points for the first time since 1994.

    I don't remember the Pittsburgh days of Jagr and Lang, but what I do know is that there was not the level of first line chemistry, as compared to the Jagr-Nylander line We still need one of the larger center free agents...

    This was shared in one of the comments:

    ((((if we are going to sign a center or replace Nylander then I want to go low key, take Stumpel 1 year deal at 3-3.5 mil. This guy is same age as Nylander, but way bigger, hits 6 times more, takes half as many penalties and is better on faceoffs, also he is pretty good around the net and will score at least 80 points on top line with Jagr. And he kills penalties and is better defensively.))))

    Who are you mysterious Beaches?

  3. Man I actually want to like the Rangers next year, but keeping Shanahan would really hinder that (the former bastard Red Wing).

    Oh and you don't want Lang, ask Red Wings fans how they feel about Lang.

  4. Lang isn't quite the hot commodity that he appears to be. Unless you like watching Brodeur and DiPietro catching soft wrist shots a lot, then he's your man.

  5. There is nothing like a rival-Islanders-Devil analogy to make my blood boil. I hear through a scout that the Lang deal is done, which doesn't work for me -- wouldn't be a surprise in Sather and management, but I have hopes that this is all and only rumor-mill talk.

    I agree that Lang has no place on this team -- there is a reason why Detroit doesn't want him back.



  6. Re: Jibblescribbits comment on Shanny: I can understand your sentiment, but the 'more-likable' Shanny moved to NYC last season, takes the subway to get to The Garden, and has assumed the cliche' veteran 'unofficial' Captain, as this was a team the year before without a captain and Jamomir was unwilling to take the responsiblity. A lost team without leadership.

    Then comes last fall, Jagr takes the 'C' officially, but doesn't talk to the press, barely talks to the guys in the locker-room and provides very little leadership as he's attempting to fix a bad shoulder and a disappointing playoff first-round the previous season.

    In good 'ole Ranger 'hire-the-veteran' fashion, here comes Brendan Shanahan -- All-Star, multiple Stanley Cup Winner, speaks English, etc. communicating to the NYC Rangers fans something we haven't seen since.....dare I say, Messier?

    You get, We Like Him Here.


  7. I understand why you like him... but I'll always remember his ugly mug in a Red Wings jersey... and he makes me sick.


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