Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sent to me by PotvinSucksGoRangers:

The Dark Ranger

The valley was covered in darkness
Nothing could be see
Save for the empty old grave site
Where the Dark Ranger used to be

Now legends go back a long, long time
When the valley was still young
When bandits, robbers and killers
Rode the morning sun

Back then the valley housed killers
Gamblers and the like
Stories are still told
Of when the Dark Ranger came THAT night

As stories go it was a night like this
Several hundred years ago
When a stranger rode through on horseback
Yet left no hoof prints on the hockey snow

“His horse was as black as the devil’s soul!”
Was the response the Dark Ranger got
If you were to see that horse today
That would be your only thought

He rode all night on The Devils heels
Spreading terror throughout the land
Warning folk to change their ways
Or face his wrathful hand

Needless to say they changed their ways
Never again to return to sin
For they knew that if they did
They would meet HIM once again

Though he died centuries before
They still fear him today
For they know that though he is dead
In his grave he will not stay

Even this night his grave lies empty
Some say he’s on the prowl
Looking for his victims
Like a frightening, hungry owl

Some say he looks like the devil
Some say he looks like God
Though none have ever seen his face
Amongst the shroud of fog

No one knows where he comes from
None know where he’s been
One thing they all agree on
To NEVER see him again

Let's Go Rangers! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)....Let's Go Rangers!.......


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