Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Potential Stanley Cup Final?

The second period is underway in Anaheim and the Ottawa Senators have to dig out of a 2-0 hole if they are going to force Game Six back in Ottawa.

Anaheim is completely dominating the second period and Mr. Ray Emery is holding on with some dramatic saves....they don't have a prayer if things progress from here. This is the true test of Emery as a world-class goaltender.....which he is not. Ottawa has had a great defensive line, and now they are breaking down. Soon, soon to be over.

UPDATE: 9:25pm EST - Alfredson redirects, Ottawa scores with 8 minutes left in the second period. 1 Ottawa to 2 Anaheim. The Dark Ranger is surprised. His brother-in-law is not happy right now. His stomach just growled and he may be in the bathroom. More to come....

UPDATE: 9:31pm EST - Emery scored on his own team....the Stanley Cup Final, and the overrated Ottawa goaltender scored on himself. Fun stuff. 4:16 left in the Second Period. Hey bro, "Come out of the bathroom....your team scored"
1 Ottawa to 3 Anaheim.

UPDATE: 9:37pm EST - 2:30 left in the second, all of Canada celebrates, except one fella I know in Toronto, as Ottawa brings it to 2 Ottawa to 3 Anaheim game. Bro definitely has thrown up dinner. Woh, Anaheim just scored 2 Ottawa to 4 Anaheim. Clean up, get a hold of yourself, eat a banana - very bonding and get ready for a THIRD PERIOD THRILL RIDE!!! 20 minutes to wait, then....more updates.

UPDATE: 10;01 pm EST - Third period begins, Ottawa coming on strong with the Ducks playing super zone defense. Safe. But then, three-player pileups, desperation, players without sticks , sticks breaking. Outstanding hockey. A nation mourns. 16:15 left in the third, and I predict Emery will embarrass himself and lose 2 more....

UPDATE: 10:07pm EST - Emery loses it! He has lost his will in this game. The Ducks feel the win. Canada must live through 15 minutes of agony. Beautiful re-direction goal brings to 2 Ottawa to 5 Anaheim. Wow. The Dark Ranger recalls The Rangers beating Anaheim 4 to 3 during the season!!! Ah, the good 'ole days.
The fat hockey lady is singing, Alanis Morrisette, Celine Dion, Mike Myers and Fabio will wake-up with a hangover making it over 13 years without a Canadian Cup.

Body Blow!


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