Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Real Thing Tonight

Tonight's game against the Ottawa Senators, 7pm EST, will be a true test for the New York Rangers. The obvious question is will we be watching the Rangers that played the third period two nights ago against the Florida Panthers or is this the Rangers that couldn't get their act together the first and second period against the Florida Panthers?

Already the Senators are 2-0-0 in their two first outings and the Rangers are 1-0-0, so if the Rangers pull-out a win this evening, then it will be the first time in over forty years they have won the first two games in a season.

Looking forward to seeing a little of that chemistry on the Straka-Drury-Jags veteran line, followed by another aggressive and gritty performance by my favorites Brandon Dubinsky, Blair Betts and Ryan Callahan. Henrik Lundqvist will be the key this evening, with Ottawa All-Stars Alfredsson, Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza looking to de-throne "The King." Good news is Ray Emery, goaltender for Ottawa, remains out on injury and replacement Martin Gerber is in the net for Ottawa for the third-game in a row. The bad news is that he is playing exceptional well with two wins opening their season. Damn him.

This is no doubt a crucial game for the Blueshirts, while many have speculated that these two teams appear on paper to be the top two contenders in the Eastern Conference. It's early and The Dark Ranger's expectations are low, but I do want to see a solid match up and good team chemistry. Tonight is supposed to be a good game.

You never know. I smell a win.


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