Thursday, October 18, 2007

Renney Successfully Transforms Rangers Into AHL Team, Losing to Atlanta 3-5 (UPDATING)

UPDATE: The falling from grace continued this evening as The New York Rangers embarrassed themselves in Atlanta, losing to the ailing Thrashers 3-5. The beat writers are going to have a field day with their abominable performance tonight. The team will probably shrug off whatever Tom Renney, coach of the Blueshirts, has to say this evening after the game and during the trip to Boston. That is, until they read about themselves in the papers tomorrow morning. Maybe it's time for a shot of heroin to take the burn-off, bring the anger down...please hold me back from writing in caps.

1st period, 7:25pm

I sit watching my New York Rangers playing in Atlanta and although we are only nine minutes into the first period of the game, the Rangers down 0-2, I am amazed that after four days off the Rangers are performing as if they belong in the minors.

Tom Renney was determined to readjust the lines once again, and has actually benched Marek Malik for the first time as a NY Ranger coach -- he listened, but....not sure what I am watching so far. It's a mess.

2nd period 8:20pm
Awesome. The Thrashers scored a short-handed goal against the Rangers making it 0-3. The worst team currently in the league is proving otherwise and The Stanley Cup Contending New York Rangers look like the Philadelphia Flyers of last season -- or maybe worse. This is a sick sight. Maybe my fantasy hockey team is scoring some points!!?

I feel like punching Tom Renney, and even worse, I feel like putting Malik back in the game. Maybe acid on Drury's skates will remind him that he was paid to be a clutch star player, or 5 million for Shanny's zero goals and 41 shots this season so far.

3rd period, 9:00pm
Brian Little of The Thrashers found the loose puck and scooped it over Henrik Lundquist's helmut. Hurray! The Rangers are now down 0-4. Does this mean Glen Sather fires Tom Renney tomorrow? Ladies & Gentlemen, consider this our first ass-whooping, and two minutes later another power play for Atlanta.

Girardi scores...great shot - LOVE HIM! Shanny finally scored, first of the season. Rangers down 2-5, but at the very least they scored.

Drury dribbles up and down the ice.....dribble, dribble. "Look Ma, I can shoot left handed...!" Wow....Gomez scores again to make it 3-5 now with one minute left. Now this is hockey of the 3rd period.

Half-redemption in the third period. Lost in Atlanta and a win for the Atlanta Thrashers. Tonight sucks.



  1. 1) Watching the scoreboard while in attendance i another NHL city it was kind of shocking to not only see the score, but later see that Henrik played goal.
    2) After seeing the Thrashers play like crap for 6 games they must have been a bit more motivated last night. Still thats no excuse if your a team thats suposed to compete for a Cup
    3) Other than Ottawa, the standings in the east this moning are on their heads!

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  3. hey anonymous,...thanks for the comments. i deleted your post because you're not welcome on the site if you aren't smart. especially after last night's game, I am down -- and your Flyers are up. perhaps i'd congratulate you on your bionic team - and running the division - that's great. I still don't like your team.

    No need to curse like a seven-year old kid who won his first game.

    Now back to hockey...

    Faux, was shocking overall. the defense was horrible, the most obvious of the Rangers weakness, but even the forward lines were not performing on any level. every man for himself, as opposed to a team foundation. In the third period, there were moments of "THAT...THERE IT IS....THAT CHEMISTRY..." and maybe the team will finally find that 'umph' needed to compete. It's early, but we are not even competing at a playoff-contending level. That needs to change rapidly. Not to make excuses, but Marian Hossa was on fire last night. Wow.

  4. tdr,

    You might be overly kind in suggesting that the Rangers have merely transformed into an AHL team.

    I'm thinking more of a college team. Given the way the Rangers are stinking up the joint and the fact that they are heading to Boston, entering the Beanpot Tournament may be the best way to put some gas in their tanks.

    The problem is that I'm not so sure that they could even win that.


  5. Give it time boys, give it time.However, in the mean time the Rangers need to address the defense.


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