Monday, October 1, 2007

Separated At Birth?

It is that time of year where The Dark Ranger feels the need to start trashing any rival of the New York Rangers. Let's start with Daniel Briere, newly acquired free agent Philadelphia Flyer, who coincidentally, I predict will be listed on injured reserve by December. Though a finesse and speed player, Briere doesn't fit into that Flyers jersey and persona -- not that dissimilar to his experience in Buffalo, a couple of 'right' hits at the 'right' moments will disable his level of play.

Already the Flyers are sustaining four major injuries to their starting lineup -- and one Jackie-Chan-like-Steve Downie now serving a 20-game suspension in the NHL (and hopefully his new home AHL) for high-fly-sticking in THE PRE-SEASON FOR GOD'S SAKES. This is a team that has too much to prove to everyone. With a newly acquired team through free agency, here's hoping this team continues to deliver this level of brutality and machismo throughout the real season.

Is there a strange resemblance between Daniel Briere of the Philadelphia Flyers and Eric the Midget of Howard Stern on Sirius fame? You decide which one is Danny Boy.



  1. 1) Danielle is NOT the protypical Flyer. If they think he's going to score 10 million worth of points they are gonna be sadly mistaken.
    2) The pressure will be on him to produce, much like it will be on the shoulders of Gomez/Drury to live up to their huge contracts

  2. Briere is pretty good, and I don't really remember him ever getting hurt for a majority of a season (i could be wrong), but I am pretty sure they overpaid for him.

    "not in the face"

  3. 1) Jibble is essentilly correct; Danielle has been durable other than 2 years ago when he missed a bunch of games. Other than that he's played in 75+ games 5 of the last 6 seasons

  4. Briere is renowned for playing less minutes or not playing his game after a big hit. Eastern Conference goons look for that one big hit to shake him up, whereas the Buffalo enforcers protected him.

    The kid Briere 'has game' when he's not getting hit hard.

  5. Now, now, need to be defensive and swearing. Briere is surprising everyone, including that bruiser team you call the Flyers. I'll give him and the team that. You, on the other hand, need a f***ing bar of soap in that mouth of yours.



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