Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rangers 3, Tampa Bay, 1

Well, we needed this one.

The New York Rangers were fortunate enough to be taking a win away from the Tampa Bay Lightning, bringing them two steps closer to a .500 team (4-6-1). Our Captain Jagr deserved more than what us fans saw during the game as one of his skates broke in the first period, he had to replace a broken glove in the second period, soon followed by his losing three teeth either from a puck or someone's stick. A bloody mess. Brendan Shanahan was kind enough to retrieve the teeth on ice. Though not able to score more than two goals (thanks "A") and connect in the Rangers system this season thus far, Scott Gomez may have been the guilty party responsible for the captain's missing teeth, hence knocking some sense into our 'Dear Captain'. At least he's contributed to something.

Rookie Nigel Dawes scored the first goal last night, delivering three goals in three games this season (NOTE: Renney, keep him on the roster!), followed by Brendan Shanahan's second goal of the season and ending with a toothless Jagr power-play slapshot.

I am always satisfied walking away with a 'win' - this I know for sure. Though, this game could have easily went the other direction. The first and second periods were 'scrap pucking', both teams unable to control the game, offensive lines breaking down, speedy Scott Gomez always 'skating alone with puck' fifteen yards ahead of any Ranger, and stellar goaltending by both our King Lundqvist and Tampa's Johan Holmqvist. As usual, there were numerous scoring opportunities by our front lines, including a couple of nail-biting shots hitting the posts without connecting. It wasn't until the third period when it felt that the Rangers were controlling the game.

Maybe the team needs some wins and less Dark Ranger criticism!!? Hell no! See you Thursday as the New York Rangers take on the Washington Caps, at MSG, 7PM EST.


(off to the dentist)


  1. 1) Nice all around victory for sure. However all the good will/feelings can be lost quickly if they don't follow it up with a comparable effort against the Caps.
    2) The Caps are without a few of their top players(If you guys consider Tom Poti one of them LOL) They also will probably be without Semin and maybe captain Chris Clark
    3) Of course as the Leafs found out yesterday, taking that team lightly is not a good idea

  2. Amen to that brother. Based on the last couple of games, these All-Stars would look at the Coyotes or Blue Jackets as enemies of New York.

    Last night's game was one of the first times I saw a desperation on Jagr, Shanny, Gomez, Drury - the entire crew. As sloppy as it was, it was effective.

    Now only if that Russian kid would not show up Thursday!!!

    Leafs suck by the way.

  3. Hey Dark those Jagr teeth at the end cracked me up - disgusting

  4. I completely agree with you TDR of Gomez - he looks like he is playing one game, and everyone else is playing another. He has gotta get on the same page sooner or later, because there is noone that will take him at the salary we gave him ...

    And Faux ... Tom Poti, top player ... four words that should never, ever be in the same sentence.

  5. 1) Scotty, Poti may have been a disaster with you guys, but most observers thought he had quite a good season with your rivals on LI
    2) Of course we're not sure he's a true top 2 guy like the Caps thought they got when they signed him this summer.

  6. Gomez has two goals, doesn't he?


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