Thursday, November 1, 2007

Obey The King! Rangers 2, Capitals 0

The Dark Ranger snoozed through the game at MSG this evening and after the game had the pleasure of sharing a moment with Henrik Lundqvist, the World Olympic Gold-Medalist New York Ranger Goalkeeper, who shutout The Washington Capitals tonight at MSG bringing New York's record to a neutral 5-6-1.

After tonight's 31 saves and third shutout of the season, I asked him what he thought of winning two in a row and the team's defensive dependency on him, he stated, "I see all of this as a great challenge. There were a lot of people in front of me tonight. Tonight I had to challenge myself and work harder and it paid off. Cover as much as possible, puck kept hitting me, it's fun. Great team, great players, fun to be around them all the time. We have to keep winning. Everything is so much easier when you're winning, everyone shows up to practice. Don't over think and get lucky."

Though I didn't quite understand his broken English, I sure was happy to meet The King, take the win and take off this friggin cape for the night.

Chris Drury took his second goal of the season in the second period, the next and final goal went to Rozsival in the third period.

On my way out, I ran into Capitals goalie Olie Kolzig, who made 26 saves, but when questioned about Henrik's game tonight he actually (and honestly) responded, "He's definitely on his game. He's the reason the Rangers have won five games. They'll be scary (the Rangers) if they ever get their offense together."

So from Was
hington's losing goaltender's point of view, he let up two goals and ultimately lost the game to our shitty offense. Nice Olie - keep up the good work. Though, point taken, if we can forget about the Ranger's performance in the first period, our offense and defense was even paced, controlled and a team that appeared more confident. They looked 'winning' tonight.

The Blueshirts take on the New Joisey Devils of Newark this Saturday at 7pm, EST at MSG. See you then and go have a beer.
Strange little mascot....we need to kick his ass!


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  1. 1) We have to agree with Ollie Kolzig's assessment. Once the offense gets into gear the rangers could become 'scary good'
    2) Lundqvist looks like he is ready to take the mantle of the league's best tender. Nothing instills confidence in a team more than knowing that the guy behind ya is going to keep you in each game.


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