Monday, November 26, 2007

The Dallas Stars 3, The Slowly Slumping Rangers 2

There isn't much to say about yesterday's game, except we lost and we shouldn't have. The New York Rangers probably registered one hundred shots to Dallas' five shots - kidding, but it seemed this way. Scotty Gomez is probably responsible for Dallas winning the game, with more than two turnovers - and no connection to the team he is playing on.

Here are the game notes (press here).

It was great to see Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan finally scoring and lighting up the game, but to no victory.

The dreaded NY Islanders are at MSG this Thursday, a franchise we are afraid of and haven't beaten this season. The Islanders are creeping up in the ranks and the Atlantic Division is turning out to be one of the more competitive divisions to date -- fun to watch because the teams are all over the place. Three days off for the Rangers to work on the worst power-play unit in the NHL - maybe it's time for Renney to start coaching.

It is frightening that in the New York Times this morning, Coach Tom Renney, having just lost to Dallas was referring to Scott Gomez and the Rangers as a team, quoted as saying, “I really have to be firm now and say, I want X number of shots." This pretty much says it all for now.



  1. 1) With the Devils back in the mix, the Isles hanging in there, Pitt due for a rebound, and Philly still paying well above last years pace, it IS definitly gonna make for interesting hockey in the Atlantic

  2. As we've seen, many of the Atlantic Division teams have competed with the Western Conference teams -- and recently we've seen some wind taken out of Ottawa on our end of the fence. The Rangers see Ottawa this Saturday - having lost twice to Ottawa, both were close games.

  3. Maybe instead of saying that Gomez was the reason the Stars won, how about saying the Stars were the reason the Stars won? Sometimes quality will trump and overrule quantity. And, with the exception of the two that got through, Mike Smith was a BRICK WALL. Oh, yes, our PKs are very, very good too.
    GO STARs!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dallas blows! ;) We need a little more objective posting, so I appreciate the point of view. Smith outgunned The King yesterday - no question, but Gomez is responsible for the pivotal turnovers. I hold true blue on that fact.

    We're just plain MAD Anonymous.

  5. You got one thing correct, "Dallas blows". They blew the Rangers right out of the water. What good are turnovers if you can't convert them to goals?

    I love watching the Rangers play and most of the time they are my pick But, not this time. The net minder can only do so much and the rest of the team must be there to support his efforts. Lundqvist is about as good as they come but I think he might just have met his match in Smitty.(I especially like to see Avery make a fool out of himself. Good player, poor human.)

  6. Anonymous...that is perhaps the kindest thing anyone ever said about Sean Avery. A great morning guffaw...

  7. I couldn't agree with you more, especially with your assessment of Jagr, our "captain", in your previous post. With all they've accomplished and with where they sit in the standings, the team could easily have added at the least, ten more points to their totals.

    P.S. Thanks for the support on my site, Its been a little hard for me to keep up with it of late but I'm trying to get it together. Just finished my Report Card for the team up this point, check it out and let me know what you think.
    Thanks, BB.

  8. Ah...the blue Nation guy returns.


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