Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"The King"-dom Crumbles

The Dark Ranger doesn't have the energy to write after last night's defeat against the most-hated Islanders. Here is the AP. Oh, and by the way - we were defeated 3-2. Look on the bright side, with this track record just about every home game should be a win:

UNIONDALE, N.Y. (AP) -- Miroslav Satan scored the winner for the second straight game, and the New York Islanders - with three goals in the final period - snapped the New York Rangers' winning streak at four with a 3-2 victory Tuesday night. The Rangers, who went 5-1 on a homestand that concluded Monday with a 2-0 victory against Philadelphia, scored only 12 goals during that stretch but managed to keep winning on the back of Henrik Lundqvist's strong goaltending. Lundqvist has played in every game this season and allowed more than one goal for the first time in five games. That was enough to drop the Rangers to 0-5-1 on the road.

Home game win this Thursday (according to our season thus far) against the Pittsburgh Penguins.



  1. My bad, I was actually watching this tilt last night, then turned it off at the end of the second to do other stuff. I was pissed too because King Henrik (who I think you should call "the Sultan of puck stop") is on my fantasy team.

    Tough loss tdr

  2. 1) The Rangers looked very much like a team playing the back end of consecutive games in the 3rd stanza
    2) Guess Hank is a mortal afterall. Didn't realize until this morning, but the Rangers are winless on the road thus far.

  3. I'm starting to give up Dark...starting to give up.

  4. Easy now. If this were any other team, there wouldn't be such an outcry. They were tired and listless and this has NOTHING to do with Lundqvist. Could he have stopped any of those shots? No. Could he have taught the defense to cover a man in front or break out of the zone? No. How about stopping Sean Avery from a dumb pass attempt that cost them the game? It's just a game and Thursday is a big one.

  5. jibble,...henrik is my fantasy goalie as well...he reliably shows up - he is awesome.

    faux..he is mortal, and ak attack is right -- he wouldn't have stopped these shots.

    kingpucl - i gave up before the four wins in a row, but don't be so down...chin up. There is light in the DARK.

    ak - I agree with you on many points.

    Here is the good news: ironic that everyone pre-season predicted the Rangers having one of the worst defenses in the League, when in fact (or in luck) one of the better defensive teams. Now they are calling NYR the team that wins games by 1 goal...just imagine if, at any point before February, the offense gets their act together they could become unstoppable.

    All it takes is a playoff spot. Hhhmmm.....

    Thursday is big one against Pittsburgh, especially given Philly will rough-house the Penguins tonight...just enough to tire them out for our play against them tomorrow night.



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