Monday, November 5, 2007

The Captain Is Back, Rangers Blank Flyers 2-0

Despite a slightly pulled groin from Saturday night's win against the New Jersey Devils, Captain Jaromir Jagr pulled out the first goal of the evening against the Philadelphia Flyers in the first period. Not only did he score first, he delivered a solid performance as he was continually double covered by pesty Orangecoats, escorted by the team doctor into the locker room after recurring injuries, and surprisingly re-emerged third period back into the lineup to dominate the evening and lead The New York Rangers into their fourth straight win against the Philadelphia Flyers, 2-0.

The Blueshirts are now 7-6-1, second place in the Atlantic Division - one point away from taking the first position in the division. As the diehard meathead in Section 317 said after the game, "They may actually be getting their shit together!!!" A prolific sentiment shared by Rangers fans across the land.

Our "defensive strong", "proficient but low-scoring offense" controlled most of the game from start to finish. The Flyers were massively outshot in the first and second periods, but put the heat back on the Rangers in the third, until Brendan Shanahan locked in the second insurance goal with just over three minutes left in the game. The last goal solidified the win. Martin Biron, goalkeeper of the Flyers, deserves a special honorable mention for preventing a 6-0 loss.

...and again, the true hero of the night. The King. Henrik Lundquist. Simply the best goalkeeper in the NHL.

Tonight will be another test - as a 'win' against the New York Islanders will ensure a first place ranking in the Atlantic Division -- a pleasant distant place from the opening of the season.

Maybe Jagr knew something when he said "be patient, it will happen."

Going for five straight.



  1. What is this? TDR sounding positive and happy???? Trippy man. Guess that's what happens when we win a few in a row ...

    And I guess a slightly pulled groin is a good thing ... heh? lol.

  2. 1) It all starts and ends with goaltending. When you are assured of being in every game there is no pressure and the team can relax and have fun, and that will = a lot of W's!

  3. scotty...i'm a softy when it comes to four wins in a row. Don't fret, I will remain very DARK throughout the season. lol.

  4. 1) So will the 'war' resume tonight? Simon, Avery, etc will all be playing. "Old time hockey,like Eddie Shore?"


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