Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kid Crosby Overwhelmed By New York Kids, Rangers 4, Penguins 3 OT

Prior to last night's game, Penguins goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury sold his soul and made a deal with the God of Hockey. He was promised not to be scored on by New York Rangers All-Stars' Jaromir Jagr, Brendan Shanahan, Scott Gomez, or Chris Drury - he was even promised once not to be pestered by Sean "Kill Me" Avery. He was granted all of these wishes.

Even so, the Rangers took the game in overtime 4 to 3.

No one could have predicted when the Rangers were down 0-2 after the first period, that all of the subsequent goals would be scored by defensemen - two goals by Michal Rozsival, one by Brandon Dubinsky and the final overtime goal assisted by Paul Mara's perfectly placed cross-crease pass to Jason Strudwick for the win.

In addition to the stellar defensive offense, The Rangers clamped down defensively behind Henrik Lundqvist,
who made 20 saves, to win their ninth in 10 games and send the slumping Penguins to their fifth loss in six games and seventh in nine. The Rangers are solely leading the Atlantic Division at 12-7-1.

One of the low points of the game came in the form of Brandon Dubinsky attempting another NHL fight seriously (picture below for your visual enjoyment) - not bad for a beginner, while earlier at practice both Paul Mara and Jason Strudwick were giving him hints on the best positioning for a fight. He wanted it. The opportunity came. He fought. He lost. But...he scored a goal and continued onward with a marvelous 'playing hockey' performance.

Tomorrow's game against the New York Islanders is one of revenge, as this is one rivalry that threatens our Rangers-glory the most. The 'laughable in pre-season Islanders' are a team to be reckoned with - one full of hard-hitting 'Nolen-ites' willing to distract our Blueshirts with pretty 'long-ah-land' ice-girls, high sticks to the neck and shitty jersies - anything for the win. The good news is this meeting is at MSG with the home crowd ready to support.

As for Marc-Andre Fleury on the Penguins side of things, he is out of big wishes and, unfortunately, Pittsburgh will continue to lose games. His goaltending is not up to par and as we've seen on our side, a King Goalkeeper can keep you in the running.

Beer-me. Tomorrow night.


"Work on that hook Dubie..."

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