Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Yankees and Mets Are Out, Time For Hockey Folks!

A buddy of mine went to bed last night sad after the New York Yankees lost their playoff run to the Cleveland Indians, and I emailed him my condolences and a comment of feeling bad for Joe Torre - who is obviously going to lose his job this baseball off-season. I know, Dark Ranger, stick to hockey on a hockey blog, but his response to me ends well and might be in line with what other New Yorkers might be thinking right about now:

"I don't feel bad, time for a change. They spent 1 billion in salaries and luxury taxes since last world series championship in 2000. I suggest hiring Mike Keenan as the next skipper. I doesn't matter that he doesn't know a thing abooot baseball. He just needs to open a huge can of whoop ass on the Jabronees. And for Mr Lightning Rod since he's been a Yankee in 04 they had the worst collapse in baseball playoff history. Up 3 games- 0 against the Red Sox and then getting knocked out of the first round of the playoffs the next three years. So saying that, lets give him a nice round number of 10 years 300 million, he deserves it. Lets go Rangers! Put that on your blog, or in your pipe and smoke it."
- Martin, a native New Yorker

Now that both teams have failed to move forward in the playoffs, New Yorkers can either tune in to the New York Knicks (who cares?) or The New York Rangers (we all care) -- both with a fair share of lawsuits coming your way, with action on & off the court/ice.

In other NYR news, look out for a grudge rematch tomorrow night against the New York Islanders, with a newly refurbished first two lines now that Sean Avery is out injured for at least four weeks. Almost demoted, Marcel Hossa upgrades to the first line with Jamomir Jagr & Chris Drury, with the second line appearing to be Straka-Gomez-Shanahan.

After the Rangers loss to Ottawa Saturday night, prepare for that can of 'whoop-ass' Martin spoke of to be unleashed on the ice in the first period. Oh, and by the way, "Potvin Sucks!"



  1. f&$k the Yankees....go Mets. oh right they both are out. ;(

  2. 1) We wouldn't do Torre's eulogy just yet. Last year the Yankees had a decent alternative if they decided to fire him(Piniella). This time around who would/could they replace him with? Mattingly, Girardi?
    2) We feel that The Boss will give Joe one last year (The last in the old Yankee stadium) They also need to stop signing pitchers who are well past their primes.
    3) Geez Roger Clemens should feel ashamed for taking all that money and giving nothing back in return!


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