Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Allow us to ReTORT...

Hello Ranger fans,
If you have been reading the papers, blogs and all things Ranger like I have this morning, perhaps you're wearing the same silly grin I am right now. As we welcome a new coach (Welcome Torts!!!), the locker room and practices have already started their overhaul.

"Stay the F*ck off the Logo!!!" The policy now enforced in the locker room by Jim Ramsey. (As reported by Jane McManus over at The Rangers Report). Supposedly Tortorella is a stickler for this tradition that was loosely adhered to during Renney's tenure here. It appeared that Renney was a busy man. Far too busy to worry about such things as his ship was sinking. In my opinion, that was exactly the problem. The basics were never instilled, drilled and enforced... and their presence or better yet, their Omnipresence was taken for granted by a coach that jumped the gun in assuming he had collection of interchangable parts that could be arranged at his whim and that he would be the catalyst that caused them all to click one day and fire on all cylinders.

As a notorious recent Renney detractor, I will say nothing frustrated me more than that egotistical assumption and him turning a blind eye as the flaws became obvious in his plans; Instead making a practice of slapping a line change band-aid over a gaping wound. I will say that I don't wish the guy any ill will and would have actually felt bad for his removal if I genuinely felt he pushed a bunch of players hard and they all got together whined to the GM and had him canned. I can't say that thought and as it became apparent that his lack of a sense or urgency, but gentlemanly and politically correct demeanor bled down to the team and turned the post game locker room into a confused goalie and a bunch of talking heads.

The second (now intentional tenure for Coach Torts) begins and the multi-year deal is set to last more than 4 games this time... Things have come full circle for a guy whos always showed interest in coaching here, a bit of flair in dealing with the NY media (ask Larry Brooks) and some intent on accomplishing something here. In case you've missed any of the reports...Mike Pelino, one of two remaining pieces from the last coaching staff, has been removed from his on ice assignments in practice and made the film and scout assistant -- Renneys stats and standings charts were also removed according to McManus.(Torts don't belive in Half @ssing a coaching change -- I say hoo-F*ckin-Rah! Screw Stats and standings...you have to start playing hockey before you can actually check the progress you've made playing hockey.)

Benoit Allaire also remains and only time will tell if it was he or Renneys passive game that had Henrik backed so far into the net all this time that he's given colonoscopy nightmares to the guys that work the net cam.

Steve Zipay reports that Torts will handle the powerplay himself and the line changes (and even..dare I dream, perhaps lack there of... Hello Chemistry!), while Schoeny (Interim Asst. Coach) will handle the defense and PK. Some fans have expressed a want for Torts to strip our quiet captain of his stripes. I would hold off on something like that if this team wants to hit the ground running tomorrow. No sense in further alienating an audience that has barely gotten to know you. (in the long run though... perhaps the off, season it might not be a bad idea to take some of the pressure off of Drury like the Slugs did with briere being a co-captain. Maybe three A's next season would be the best for all concerned.)

Over the past couple of seasons, at the games I attended vs. the Bolts... It almost became a tradition to wait for the announcement: "John Tortarella has been ejected from the game..." and join in on the laughter and clapping. Even back then, as we reveled in his frustration, you had to respect the guy for his passion and his defiance toward take things lying down. As a Ranger fan, I'd take an ejection for tearing a ref a new one, over a quiet scribble in a note pad and a frown. I WANNA SEE A WAR FACE!!!

Did you know we have a game tomorrow? I found out after the coaching change and have been excited ever since....LETS GO RANGERS!



  1. J, you had me at Torts 'Hello'. Really, I laughed out loud throughout the post...was delighted and share a little of that tingly delight of actually having a coach who cares, even if he is one of those Crazy Coaches...

    I'll be in Toronto, the ACC, sitting three rows behind the Leafs bench wearing a blue home Lundqvist jersey, surrounded by polite Ontarian suits -- look for the guy that reminds you of that NHL commercial where the guy in the hospital bangs on the glass to identify his Awesome Baby... that will be me - The Dark Ranger revealed.

    Everyone seems to think this Torts action is a great signing...I wonder how Wade Redden feels. Aves is probably destined to continue his tenure in the AHL...I cannot imagine Torts would want someone on the team with his temperament.

  2. HILARIOUS! Torts is going smackem down. I dont think it is a long term solution as Slats should take responsibility but Renney takes the fall...

  3. Surprisingly Dark, I thought the same thing but in his latest comment...We may find the divide between Aves and Torts may not be as great as we think.
    On Tortorella being on record as not being a Sean Avery fan: “I think you always have to be cognizant of the fact that coaches have opinions about players and people in different organizations at different times can have the history with Sean that we do. I think that, over time, you learn to love him just like I have. That’s going to be something we’re going to have to deal with. Sean is still part of the Dallas hockey club and we’re not really at liberty to speak about it.”

    (passed on from Rangers Report)



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