Monday, February 16, 2009

Blues Further Rangers' Woes, St. Louis 2, NYR 1

Another loss. Official recap here.

At least when you go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas and you lose the money you've set aside, you can shrug it off, take the loss and pretend like you had fun. Now just imagine 30 more trips to Atlantic City this season with the same outcome.

Am I alone in feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?

So Captain Chris Drury took responsibility after the Flyers debacle yesterday and promised that it ends with him -- the fans, management and his fellow comrades should point to him first and only for either motivating his team to 'wins' or blaming him for 'losses.'

Free Chris Drury of his duties if the Dolans are not willing to hand over any responsibility to Coach Tom Renney or Invisible GM Glen Sather. Fire Drury! Do f**king something!

Not sure what to say. The sucky Isles on Wednesday are looking pretty damn competitive considering the state of things....



  1. Pick me, Pick me!!! It's the same thing over and over, yes Groundhog day..... just not funny... Right now as much as I would love to jump ship, I can't. For some reason,(beside loyalty) I can't take my eyes off, it's like a bad trainwreck and I just can't turn away! One question, are there really any solutions? Is this it? My lord no one "really" owns up. Renney is happy they had for shots on the PP. What is that? Is he on some medication that keeps him in La La land? Grow some coins, don't sugar coat what this is. This is a really large elephant steamer.

  2. Ditto. On some primitive level, I want the Isles to cream our beloved Rangers on Wednesday to further the point --- DO SOMETHING. Of course, I want the win, my point one of accountability.

    Agreed kittylarue, the Renney comments were like some strange Oliver Stone film, some alternate universe, some strange point of view from the mainframe --

    The Dolans take their time in moving management -- anyone on the Knicks side of things have suffered for years -- I just hope someone on the cable side of things could take a break from counting their money and watch a game!!?

  3. I've said it before, the Dolans only will do something when the ticket revenue goes down. For whatever reason, Sather is getting an Isaiah-type pass. Of course, they might fool us in the next couple of weeks and make changes.

    David Stern at the All-Star festivities already warned NBA owners not to expect season ticket renewals to be at the same level for next season. And that league is on the rebound from recent doldrums.

    An irrelevant spectator sport (to the general viewing public) like the NHL is going to suffer big time unless someone sees the economy turning around big time between now and June.

    No playoffs + no excitement + faltering economy will lead to a change in the seating arrangements. Already, 2 people I know have lost their jobs, are relocating out of NYC and have sold the rest of their season tickets (4 seats each in the 100s) and won't be renewing. I doubt these are the only 2 at the Garden (otherwise, I better step up in the company I keep). I'll presume this is being repeated in arenas throughout the league.

  4. The Rangers are dropping like the Dow today. The price of tickets will ineveitably be increased during the summer if they make the playoffs and some sucker will be there to take them. i heard they still have 5,000 people waiting for season tickets - so some non-hockey lover will be there to drop 4 grand.


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