Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Love The New York Rangers!

The proud New York Rangers dropped another one last night, shutout to the NJ Devils (0-2) -- a total of five losses in a row -- with proud abandon they gave this one up due to confused line changes, defensive mishaps and a slowly deteriorating loss of confidence in our All-Star goalie Henrik Lundqvist. They sure are the talk of the town and Rangers' fans couldn't be more pleased.


Wade Redden continues to play as he had over the last couple of seasons with the Ottawa Senators - everything expected of him for a mere $6.5 million dollars a year - for four more seasons even. How exciting. Run out and get one of those Redden jersies because they are limited. General Manager Glen Sather knows how to pick 'em. Wade is a Ranger! I am a Ranger!


You know what they say in business and in sports, the best defense is a good offense.....um....well, what I meant is that our system is working because Coach Tom Renney is all about the defense and when you're behind in goals and the opposing team is running over your face, it is good to keep playing defense. Momentum & punishment when you're down is just a state of mind -- just words. He's a players' coach -- let them play...and man, they sure know how to play defense. I mean...look at Eric Reitz who was just traded last week from the Minnesota Wild -- he played twenty times more shift last night alone than Petr Prucha, and he just got on the team! That is a superstar in the making. THAT...is coaching. Knowing when to strategically bench and play your roster. Last night, our D-Man-Reitz beat up that guy's jersey like I've never seen! We may not score many goals, but we sure have grit -- look at the way we protect our prize goalie...did you see those nudges Wade Redden delivered last night? F*CK ME....these guys ROCK.....Let's Go Rangers!!!!

(biting nails)

Colton Orr socking Mike Rupp last night might have been out of order and could have cost the Rangers a 'game-changer', as it might have disrupted the system. Tom Renney is sure to 'bag-skate' Colton Orr in practice this afternoon. My son is still crying from that horror.

I am not sure if Chris Drury, Nikky Zherdev and Nigel Dawes were playing last night, because I didn't see them anywhere, but....they sure are terrific.

It was a delight to see former Brendan Shanahan as a Devil last night, and I think I can say with certainty, that us Rangers fans are glad he wasn't re-signed as a Blueshirt. Too old.

In other news, Glen Sather's master plan to pay Sean Avery less is coming true. The Grand Wizard of Broadway must have anticipated Sean Avery's misteps with Gary Bettman, ex-girlfriends and foreshadowed suspensions from the league. Claiming Sean off of waivers from the Dallas Stars and having to pay half of the 3.8 million per year for the next 3 1/2 years is ABSOLUTE GENIUS. This is why we continue coming back -- this man delivers, even without the Cup. Who needs it...

This is all what the Dolans and MSG and the Rangers organization need in a fan base. Unconditional love. Well, you got it.

(throwing a God d*** lamp at the wall)



  1. When you put it that way DARK, does anyone want good season tickets next year, Section 317 rowE????

  2. 1) So would adding Avery make a (positive)difference and/or is Renney a goner before they add Sean?
    2) The team we've been watching the past 3 months is far from a Cup contender, and the past 2 weeks, far from a playoff contender.

  3. dj...you are right, this summer is a good time to upgrade your seats. I wonder if F*ck Sather will raise ticket prices!?

    faux..1.Well, first of all the timing for Sean is perfect. Not only are they not winning, but no one in the blueshirts locker room can complain about Avery being back on the team (i.e. Naslund, Redden & Valiquette) because they haven't delivered themselves. There is only positive because he definitely adds passion to a team and the fan base, and if they win one when Sean returns it will be no different than what he did for the Rangers the last two seasons. Something about asshole = NYC that works with this kid.
    2. Truth hurts.

  4. Dark you are a tool. yudda yudda yudda. not really funny if your a real fan. the rangers are in a slump and they will get out of it just like in the first half of the season. you are a negative force on the rangers and maybe its you NOT RENNEY that needs to be fired!

  5. The Rangers have imploded and the debris is raining down on us. Dark, it's good to see that you've found some solace.

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall when and if Avery makes it back to the Rangers locker room and then goes over to Wade Redden to say hi.

    That might be at the point the Rangers are fighting for 8th place.

    The good news is that things won't be dull

  6. My favorite quotes after last nights loss to the devils.

    “I miss the guy,” Lundqvist said of Shanahan. “He was a great guy and a great player. Too bad he’s on the other side of the river. But that’s the case. He looked great out there.”
    (Rangers Report)

    and Renney's opinion that "the 3-0 loss was an improvement." Only goes to prove how full of $hit this guy is. After getting humiliated by Dallas, he says losing 10-2 is the same as 3-2. So in another words a loss is a loss. So how the f*ck could 3-0 possibly be an improvement? Good thing, he's keeping it all in perspective, eh?


  7. J...it's all about what your reality is. Tom thinks last night was an improvement. I think I'm quite a handsome man, BUT WOULD YOU F**KING LOOK AT ME? He also stated that "we are not a team that gives up. If you accept that you are a losing team, then there's no hope."

  8. Im just gonna say it: Our offense is quite possibly the worst I have seen by any team this year. How can a team with such high hopes blow the past two games the way they did? Last night was a must win, MUST, and they were playing like it was a g-d damn pickup game in Rochester! Are we really heading down the Lindros and Fleury road? I f*cking hope not. Just when this team has the potential to make a splash and finally have a few explosive players, they have to play so bad that the team can't buy a goal? Who can even watch this crap anymore? They play with the hockey capacity of PEE WEEs, they cant even get a clear shot on goal, deflection or a chance in the slot? Gomez is a failure on this team. We signed Drury after his best season EVER, hell never live up to sh*t..Keep Zherdev forever, hes a true talent once he gets hot..I would start worrying now about losing Dubi, Staal? Lundy??! Dawes after this season..I wouldnt mind losing them for something of value, except Lundy of course but thats a far shot anyway, but I have no confidence in Sather that he's going to make the right moves. Bringing AVERY into this certainly won't fix anything. Best case scenario he sparks us and gets us into the playoffs, barely, but for what? To be ousted by Boston or Devils or Caps? Eff that, and eff this team of overpaid P*ssies. Adam Graves should be sick over how his beloved Rangers' sweaters are being worn and tarnished by lame skating, no team chemistry, no goals and especially NO HEART.

    I feel ill over this bs,


  9. Here are some thoughts/comments:

    1) Rangers have been outscored 31-10 since their stirring victory over Chicago. That's 8 games. 1.25 goals per game will not get it done.

    2) For a team to be 9 games *above* .500 and yet to have been significantly outscored is abysmal. The PP and goals scored are heading toward the bottom of the standings. This is not a slump but a confirmation of a trend.

    3) I hate hearing announcers mock a team I root for or talk about it being a "team in trouble." Last night on Versus, Keith Jones commented to the effect that the best thing Ottawa did this year was letting Redden go. Ouch.

    4) I had the distinct feeling that Dallas was laughing at the Rangers' plight on Friday night. The Devils actually showed mercy last night by not scoring a second empty netter after making it 3-0 toward the end of the game. Unlike Dallas, they knew the game was done, they concentrated on preserving the shutout and they stuck to their system.

    5) Someone, who was at the Rock last night, reported that he could not tell who was booing Gomez harder -- Ranger or Devil fans. I think that cements the case for how well the recent round of free agent picks are faring.

    6) Here's what can be done -- if Renney is not leaving, then unload Prucha and his contract. Immediately. Free up the $1.6 million and roster slot. I will wish him well and hope for his success elsewhere.

    7) If Renney is not leaving, then do not re-sign Voros, Zherdev and perhaps Kalinin. None makes an impact although Kalinin was showing signs of being a decent 6th defenseman.

    8) Shanahan is playing better than Sundin. That hurts. Although not having another overpaid player (I'm talking to you, Mats) on the squad is a positive. Not having the team leadership of Brent is a negative.

  10. Anonymous...thanks for visiting. Keep reading my rants and watch a game - you might agree.

    JB...If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. The tickets are paid for so I'll see how low is can go. You see what these Rangers have done for my vocabulary lately...and my vision is blurring...all because of Slats. Dull is will NOT be...

    Syr11...Embrace the Hate! It is the only thing that will get you through it all...I find posting, of late, gets it out of my system...let's get back to some of your terrific photo-shopping and make fun of it all.

    GM...good points. I also felt a slight pain in my stomach when the VS announcer made that Ottawa comment about Redden. THAT one hurt..


    I am going to the game tomorrow night...I have an extra pair of free tickets if any comment-er or reader wants them....email me your best RANGERS HAIKU OR POEM (worthy of posting) and I'll not only post it on the most hated Rangers site, but then I'll email you a link to print the tickets. Just think how exciting it will be to watch Ovechkin's performance!!!?

    Section 218 Row E, tickets 7 & 8.

    Hear that....FREE TICKETS!!!


  11. I would have jumped all over that offer dark, that is if I still lived in NJ. I am a young up and coming poet/writer. I would of had a good chance at getting those tickets. It is all good though, I am going to see the Rags play the kitty cats on friday. Maybe they can actually beat someone lower (not so much anymore) in the standings then them.

    Oh and on another note, do you think someone going to the game tonight could start a "We want Prucha!" chant? Or "Waive Voros!" Either one would be hilarious to hear.

  12. We Want Prucha - would be a joy. Can you imagine that slap in the Renney-cheeks? Fantastic. I am going to hear the Garden faithful tonight...the only reason.


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