Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today We Have a Coach

Straight from Blueshirts beat writer, The Rangers Report:

While we were off doing the video chat, Renney was reportedly skating the Rangers into the ground (for all you who want him to be a little ticked off, we hear he was). And Anisimov was sent back to Hartford. If he’s not going to play in Dallas, that’s not a bad move, get him a bunch of minutes in a few AHL games … as long as he comes back.

Then take a look at Larry Brooks from The Post here.

"It was a good old-fashioned bag skate," Chris Drury said of the final half-hour that was conducted in silence, save for Renney's whistle and clipped instructions. "We weren't having the practice that was expected, plus I'm sure it was some response to our last few games.

Let's look back at what our coaches did to us when we didn't perform. Well this is all a little encouraging...



  1. Ahh!... A good old bagger. In all honesty players should not be taken by surprise when that happens.

    Any player worth his salt knows when it's coming. If not then you obviously think everything is okay.

    It doesn't take a "Rocket Scientist" to figure out that the Rangers are not playing up to the standards expected.

    Oh by the way I hated getting bagged it sucked, but I knew when it was coming.

  2. Not to be the fly in the ointment, but personally, I find it hard to feel good about this. This more or less seems like punishment, for the team failing to take Renney's misdirected plans and make him look good. It does address half-@ssing vets coasting instead of skating, but I get the sense they would have attempted to pull themselves up by the bootstraps a while ago if they actually had an idea of what they were supposed to be doing. While the lack of effort has been apparent, its worth noting that nothing motivates a winner more than the fear of losing or being mediocre. Complacency and satisfaction with mediocrity is practically being preached to the team in the form of "just hang in there and one day, things will magically click." and "its ok to suck as long and we're a close knit team that sucks together.."

    There are mixed messages of:
    - stay the course, while I change the lines every five seconds.
    - Try hard and play with fire, but be ready to be benched for it. BTW, no hitting or fighting.
    -Defense wins the game but boohoo, we're a low scoring team because I havent been given the right personnel to score goals so i'll change the lines to create offense with the 4th line chewing up loads of ice time.

    His message now seems to be "work harder". At what? The team seems to be as tired as we are of sinking in standings and losing 1 goal games to last place teams. I think that would be good enough motivation to do something about it if they knew what the plan was or believed in it.


  3. J...that post for 'yesterday'. Today he is just the confused Tom Renney we knew. Good point on confused messages...Friday is going to be a bust...I have a feeling. How's that for optimism?



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