Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Hockey Games Should Be This Good (and we lost)

 NYR 0,  NJD 1 ,  SO

All season long we've been talking about the importance of the rivalry games, regardless of where you are in the standings there should be a higher level of 'bringing to the game' when our Blueshirts are playing the NJ Devils, Philadelphia Flyers, NY Islanders and Penguins.  Last night in the Garden, we saw just that.

104 combined shots in regulation, overtime and shootout.  1 goal between us.  Official recap here.

Though New Jersey arrived the winner of the skills competition 'a.k.a. the shootout' Marty Brodeur cannot be declared the better goalie of the night.  In fact, NJ's coach Lemaire declared that the puck last night should be split between both Marty and Henrik, admitting the game as one of the most exciting displays of elite goalie performance in years.  Not only that, but we were treated to some of our usual antics between Sean Avery and Devil's goalie Marty Brodeur.  During the second period -- and for anyone watching the tv version or the highlights, which I don't think they made it -- while the double Rangers penalty was called on one side of the ice, on the opposite side of the ice, Avery was facing Brodeur and exchanging pleasant conversation.  He literally stood before Marty and verbally shanked him.  Obviously, it had no effect on Joisey's game but it was fun to watch and be there for the subsequent AVERY CHANTS.   Henrik and Marty were stellar on both sides of the ice throughout the game, and any hockey fan missed treat if you didn't see the game.
Fatso spoke, "It was a fun game," Brodeur said. "Both goalies had to be excellent to push it to overtime. Even in overtime, both of us made a couple of saves. The shootout pushed it even more to the limit. I know people like offense, but it was a pretty entertaining game. It was thrilling. I had to shut them down to win. It was just one of those games."
King Henrik simply remarked, "The shootout is fun, but it is a lottery sometimes."
We should all be very proud of our New York Rangers.  As long as they continue to play like this...our spirits will be up and we'll all start thinking playoffs.  Currently we are tie for fifth in the Eastern Conference, with an abundance of teams climbing right up our backside.  Careful Torts -- something might pinch you in a bad way.  It's The Dark Ranger reminding you that the trade deadline approaches and you still have the opportunity to enhance the team.  psssttt....just keep Slats out of it.


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