Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Limited Tickets Available For Our Sold-Out Game!

As a die-hard NY Rangers fan and a season-ticket holder for a decade, I am alarmed at this offer below that shows up on the newyorkrangers.com site every game and every piece of RANGERS INSIDER email correspondence I receive daily:

A limited number of tickets are available for tonight's Rangers-Lightning game. Be there for the follow-up to Sunday, as  head coach John Tortorella looks for his first career win vs. the Tampa Bay team he once led to a Stanley Cup championship.

It seems that every game this season a limited number of tickets are becoming available for purchase (and a pretty lame sales pitch behind it), 'direct marketing' from a supposed SOLD-OUT venue called The Garden --- and if this is happening to the second most successful hockey franchise in the league, then I cannot imagine how the expansion teams are dealing with 30% capacity houses (see Phoenix, Carolina, Atlanta).  The economy.  The economy.  They scream.  I agree, but maybe it starts from the 'inside to out' and how you build and maintain a franchise.  Folks still have cash in hand for hockey...good hockey rather, so think about it.

Also, stop friggin undercutting my loyalty with this BLUESHIRTS UNITED bullshit --- how non season tickets holders can buy into privileges that no one else can get.  It's insulting to your loyalists, Garden management.  Don't make OFFICIAL BLUESHIRT FANS over the Garden Faithful -- because we are the ones that come every year despite the rag-tag rosters you assemble, we are the ones to rub your backs, we are the ones that serve your food.  Most importantly, as a whole we are the ones that can get you fired!

And by the way, if anyone wants tickets , make sure to come to the DARKside first (because no one is buying 'em from me either).  Support the fan first. ;)



  1. I agree with you as a fellow season ticket holder. ( 2 sets of 2 seats 114, 106)

    All they care about is the corporate clients as they know they will renew and have their clients sit in the seats and talk about stocks and the Hamptons.

    If we were smart we would be Islander fans and save money. lol

    NEVER! Devils maybe


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